I know, I know. This topic has been on the forum before and I did read the 2 posts I found relating to dye rub off. However I wanted to ask owners of specifically indigo denim if it ever stops rub off even after vinegar soaking. I have just bought 2 new pairs of dark jeans and fortunately I have only taken the tags off one pair. On first wear of the other pair today they rubbed off on my new converse, on the white rubber. Thankfully I was able to clean it off, but now I'm doubtful as to whether I want to keep the other pair if it will be problematic. I have read this article that I found : http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/FAQ/settingdye.shtml and It mentions Indigo dye, which is what's used on my new jeans and it doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. I think I should return the second pair. What do you think?
PS I had a soak in the bath today and when I was shaving my legs blue dye came off too

PPS. I meant to say that I haven't soaked them in vinegar yet, but I have popped them in the wash to see if it helps.