Brooklyn, love your summer uniform and I get lots of ideas from your WIW posts as we are drawn to similar silhouettes and patterns. I have a denim skort that is my go-to. Definitely a sporty and hard edge vibe. I'm with you on not being drawn to summer colors. A bright cream is my one exception.

Sarah, I think it is our juxtapositions between style elements, e.g., pretty and sporty -- and the individuality of those choices -- that make us each unique. The number of times I've created an outfit on hangers, but then hated it on me, usually can be sourced to missing a key element of my style (something soft, e.g., drape or a pattern with curves like floral; something structured; and something non-neutral) or proportions were off.

Bijou, interesting connection between watching sports and sporty and fun and playful vs. sporty. Yet another two definitions to consider in regards to sporty. Like you, I love being active but generally ignore all team sports. I like the fun and playful aspect of sporty.

LaPed, you're absolutely right that the definition of sporty has really changed. Love the archival shots. And love how material science has evolved into activewear and workwear that feels like activewear. Do you try to incorporate any of the maximal "Yama Girl" trend into your style? I tend to be more streamlined and inspired by Scandinavian style (albeit with more color).

Lisa, your style has really changed over the past year. Love that you're feeling more genuine. Athleisure has really evolved, from what used to be sloppy sweat pants and hoodies, to trim and stylish functional clothes that can take you through your day looking great. Cool Pumas!

Thanks, Suz! I love your juxtapositions of dressy and preppy. Great advice on transitioning to higher vamp shoes! Your sporty finds have a real pretty and refined element to them.

Shevia, interesting that you think sporty is more an attitude than a style. That jibes a bit with how I feel about the outfit that inspired this post. Can you provide an elaboration or example about what you mean?

Great topic. I've been wearing my Athleta hybrid pants with dressier toppers for lunch and shopping so I can change in the car into a birding or hiking topper and shoes for an outdoor activity afterward. This works well because I don't live in a city.

Bonnie ... brilliant on the go strategy.