This is what I see in the mirror - pic 1 - when I wear my "usual" jeans. A pair of cropped , released hem straight legged Kuts I have had for 2 years. I'm still not sure I understand what causes the "problem", but I have to go back and read through all of these responses and figure it out. I know my Kuts aren't the best jeans going , and I do feel blocky in them, but they fit and are comfortable so I just wear them. The only thing I'm not loving about your staggered hem pair is the pairing with Stan Smiths.

My eye is not really registering the difference between pic 1 and 2 either...

Lisap, I'm totally in your boat. I try on a lot of jeans that fit the way those black RCs do on GF. Honestly, the only jeans I've found that aren't too square and boxy through my waist and hips are vintage Levi's... And a couple other brands from the 80s/90s.

Current fit models for ALL denim seem to extremely straight/rectangular. And I've learned that for me this fit issue is not just a matter of taking in waistbands; it would usually require reshaping the entire back rise so it's more contoured.

A costume maker recently pointed out to me that I'm not a conventional hourglass because my curves are not in my hips, but lower, in my derriere and thighs. So conventional "curvy" cuts like the ones from Loft etc don't work for me at all -- the hips tend to poof out at the sides while still being cut too slim through the upper leg. If I could afford it, I'd commission custom made jeans, but vintage 501s will suffice.

LP, well said. That makes me feel better about the futility of this search. I remember trying on CE denim culottes in 30 last summer and didn't understand why they looked so awful. The volume begins too low on the thigh for it to skim on the body if you carry your weight lower on the legs.