Ways to categorise ourselves: body shape, skin tone, color theory, flattering hairstyles... To be really honest, I don't think all that stuff is THAT useful. At the end of the day, we do what we like and what makes us happy. But, here I am, again, with a lot of free time in my hands, curious about this new thing I found out: Color Theory. It divides people in 4 categories or seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, based on you hair color, skin, eye color and contrast.

I have dark hair, light-ish olive skin, brown eyes and a high contrast. I asked in forums online and they told me I'm either neutral or neutral/warm. The tests say that I'm an autumn, the king of warm colors. Autumns look better in deep brown than in black. Black is "cool", supposedly. Hey, guess what? 70% of my closet is black. I love black. I rock black. I don't even own a deep brown topper.

I don't know, it honestly doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I think I can always "trick" what looks good on me with the help of makeup. Whenever I'm trying a color that's out of my confort zone, I put on a little bit of lipstick and I'm ready to go... So if you can "cheat" those unflattering colors with the help of makeup, what's the point of color theory?

I see these people that talk about color theory sharing examples of what looks good and what doesn't, like the photo example: "Fabulous! Great! eeh * Ok!"... But they all look good in my opinion! Or some consider a celebrity a deep winter and in another article I see the same celebrity categorized as another season, and so on. The color palettes are also different from author to author. What-the-hell. This is more confusing than the body shape categories.

I do believe that everybody has certain colors that look best and worst depending on skin/hair/eyes (I just haven't found the seasons useful), but what about your personality? Me, for example, being an "autumn", I supposedly look good in orange, yellow and salmon, but I consider them such cheerful and bubbly colors, that they don't fit my style or personality (although I'm trying to open my horizons, that's precisely why I started searching for this color analysis thing).

Maybe this hasn't work because I'm not an autumn. Maybe I don't understand color analysis because of my supposedly "neutral" quality. Or maybe this is another useless theory...

What's your opinion on this topic? Do you think it works? Do you know a good, accurate article about it?

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