Really pretty - looks like it will be perfect on you Angie!

Yes of course it had to come home home with you, as it's a very Angie top indeed!

You are all very sweet and supportive. Thanks for the kind words. I LOVE this shirt. As Sharan astutely suggests - it’s a PRETTY version of my old Tomboy style, which feels dead right.

Karie, bookended bows crack me up. NICE.

Inge, I’m with you. I don’t reach for my basic buttons downs at all any more, and got rid of most of them. Passed on my tuxedo shirts too. Most of my Anne Fontaine shirts died a death - but were worn well! I just desperately needed a break. I need shirts with feminine MUSIC, or they have to be a soft blouse or pullover.

Sterling, I love you in those soft button through blouses.

kkards and Robin, I see this as ‘70s - no? Perhaps very early ‘80s too. No wonder I’m charmed.

Nancy, love that blouse.

Colette, I can see you in it.

So pretty and I adore that it has stripes to it, instead of a solid color, which is often how I see these style tops (just a plain white with a pretty bow). But the color and stripes here, really make it special.

Great find! Too bad I didn't see this this morning, I'd have popped by BR to check it out. I've passed all but one of my stiffer button front shirts on though I do still like my soft blousey ones ^^

EDIT: And obviously this will look smashing on you! Romantic Retro indeed.

Oh wow. Yes, this had to be yours! I'm so glad you got it, and I hope you show us some outfits... I'm so happy for you!

I haven't been on the forum much but saw your post this morning and ordered it in 2 minutes before my meetings started for the day looks lovely - I love the mix of the masculine stripe and colour with the bow, and I love that it is fitted. Thanks for turning me on to this Angie!

Ooh, this would be lovely on you, Angie: blue, stripes and a bow!
Of course I had to follow a link - and they are available in Tall in Canada. How could I resist?! We will see how I feel about this bow for myself...
It is an interesting fact that you are off button down shirts - which you always proclaimed as your essentials for your style. I am not sure how I feel about them now as I was pretty much style insensitive this year. I still wear them (maybe because button down shirt constitute a bit part of my top wardrobe) so I must be behind the curve now.

Sveta, YAY. Hope the bow shirt works for you too. Actually, I removed the button down from my essentials list this year - back in Jan! You may have missed the post:

Hah, Roxanna. You make me laugh.

Aida, blast. You'd have liked this, LSS.

Sarah, Lisa and Anne, you are lovely.

Yes, you did but they were so long on it so it is still hard for me to get used to this fact

I'm anxious to see pics of you in the blouse, Angie. I'm sure you will style and wear it well.

This is so you, Angie! Hooray for pieces that make your heart sing.

Really gorgeous. I would enjoy wearing this style too, but going to hold off for now. (Hope I don't regret that!)

Well, I have a return to make today at Athleta, which just so happens to be directly across from BR at my mall. And it also just so happens that my computer reserved this shirt in my size(s) at the store, so I simply must go in and try it on.

I am such a lemming! And shamelessly so. I do love a good button-down. And with the possibility of wearing bows at both my neck and my feet, how can I be expected to resist?

Well, I did the lemming thing! This is a beautiful shirt. I could not believe how nicely it fit (size 12 for me) through the shoulders, long enough in the arms, and beautifully tailored through the body. Very soft 97% cotton, 3% lycra.

It works as a basic, beautifully made shirt and the bow is bonus. In the change room I played with it as a belt (through the loops of my mustard pants), and tied in my hair like a bandana. I styled the white one with the collar popped and the tie wrapped around the neck several times like a Regency gentleman.

The navy stipe and the white both came home. (40% off, so with tax and everything $60CA/shirt.)

I saw this in the store and it is very pretty, and nicely made. The french seams are lovely. I tried on the size 4 and the size 6, (for reference in Brooks Brothers I wear a 4). The 4 fit beautifully in the shoulders and chest but was a tad tight in the lower abs/hip area. The sleeves are long. The 6 was too big in the shoulders, therefore making the sleeves way too long, and too big in the chest, but it fit great in the abs/hips, perhaps even a little loose there too.

I was concerned about how this would fit because it is a tailored fit and I am a rectangle. The size 4 did come home with me - I want to try it on with the dress pants, skirts, and proper undergarments that I will wear it with before I decide to keep or return. I did love the way it looked tucked in.