Jenni, that's gorgeous. I love bright colors, and I know you do too.

Rachylou, this top on top? You always have interesting ideas. You are very correct that I might not even like this top once it arrives.

Thanks, Sal. Nice to know I'm not alone. The wide sleeve openings on the cape jackets look hard for me to wear--I'd spend all day hanging on doorknobs, lol. If you can use that idea, great!

3style, let's just stick with the top and what could go with it for now. I'm thinking of doing a 30-day challenge, so can discuss putting that together on that post.

I just figured out why I like the orange top so much, lol. It resembles an old favorite I’d forgotten about. I wore it during a very happy time of my life, so the other one makes me irrationally happy.

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Oh, hope it works then! I've done that before and the new ones have made me happy also.

The Anthro wagon has arrived.

The blouse....I’m not sure. I had thought the white at the edges of the sleeves was just that it was turned awkwardly or something. Turns out the sleeves end in a very tiny strip of lace. I’m not sure what I think of it, but it looks like taking it off and hemming would be fairly easy. The fabric is much thinner than I thought. I’m not sure how much that matters. It might even be a plus in the summer.

When I tried it on, it lit up my face really nicely. I liked the way the top of it looked, but I’m not so sure about my midsection. I have a tummy pooch again. I’m not sure how much of the look I don’t like is the blouse and how much is my belly. I’ve lost 20 pounds each of the last two winters, and hope to do it again this year. So I think I’m going to set it aside for now and make a calendar entry to re-evaluate it in February, just before the deadline for returning. That’s when my weight loss usually tapers off, so I should be able to decide then.

The jacket is going back. I’m glad I got it to try on (it’s only sold online). It fits well and I love the way it’s cut—I wasn’t familiar with this style of jacket—but even though I can think of things in my closet that I could wear it with, the colors are fairly far away from what I usually wear, and when I put it on, I’m not sure it’s me. They look more like my mother’s colors. So I will return it, but keep that cut in mind when I am looking for a jacket in the future.