Suz posted last week about some statement pieces she owns that are not getting worn. Then Angie blogged about statement items - so important to know yours and have them nailed down. That got me thinking about certain items of clothing I don't own, but think I should, but cannot seem to make them work. i.e. these are known best basics, but I can't figure them out .

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that they are missing out on something good , runs out to buy this piece, and then can't get it to look or feel good. I'm not necessarily talking about those Top 10 Pieces Everyone Must Own - but I suppose it's close to that.

1. denim shirts - I have owned every freaking one of them over the years: chambray, dark rinse, distressed, light, dark, mid-blue, stiff, soft, washed , buttons, snaps, you name it. I have bought cheap ones and expensive ones, and cannot figure out what to do with them. What am I missing here? I am no longer svelte and sleek enough to do the tuck-in-with-pencil skirt look , or I'd be all over that. Worn open over chinos and a t? Hello Martha Stewart. Just no. I like denim shirts. I'm confused.

2. denim jackets - see above. I have bought them all. Still have many. Wear none. I put them on and take them off. Never feels necessarily current, never feels flattering, but when I was svelte and sleek enough to be wearing knit dresses in the summer with a white jean jacket over top I loved that look! How do I make it work for my no-discernable-body-shape self? Again, I like them and am confused.

3. trench coats - I LOVE the look of trench coats. On everyone else. I have bought every one ever made here again. No one can accuse me of giving up - lol. But perhaps I am buying the same versions of these key pieces over and over again and not figuring out what I need to look for . Trenches are the wrong length, too bulky and stiff, too flimsy and cheap, an odd colour, fit through the shoulders and arms but huge everywhere else (and vice versa) and I feel like I'm in a costume. Are there other versions of a 2-season , dressier coat that would serve the same purpose?

4. white shirts - what a great way to brighten up an outfit and often your face. They look crisp and chic on other people, but I look and feel like an unmade bed in one. I have bought them all. Literally. And within a couple of hours, the cuffs are showing "dirt" around the edges - same with the inside of the collar. Is this worth investing in a non-iron version ? I can't see spending money dry-cleaning a white shirt after each wear - but I guess men do it all the time .

5. full length boot cuts or flared jeans- about once a year I decide I must have a pair, run into the Gap, buy them and then NEVER WEAR THEM. I have two pair sitting in my pile still with tags on from last year. What the heck? I'm not sure if it's a climate/environmental issue, or if it's just something I cannot wrap my head around. Too hot and flappy in summer, too long and dragging in snow in the winter, perfect for 4 days every fall and spring - lol. They look great on other people, sexy and sophisticated when styled well. But one single incident many years ago where the heel (high, thin) of my boot caught in the hem of a pair of wide legged pants and nearly took me down - it was frightening ) has made me wary . I don't like the extra fabric flapping around my shoes and boots and I like showing my footwear. I admittedly don't know how to style or proportion them correctly given the kinds of clothes I wear. To maximize the leg-lengthening effect, and the 1/3 2/3 proportion guideline, one should be wearing a cropped or tucked in top. This is where I back out. Any thoughts on how to wear jeans like this and look current and still be able to walk? I LOVE a cropped flare - so surely there must be something I'm missing ?

The theme here is : am I missing out on critical pieces that would help extend my wardrobe? Or am I trying to hard to make things that are just not me, work? What are your versions of this list? Any styling ideas for the above that I may not have thought of?