Welp, I knew it was coming, it was a question of when, not if.
My two pair of target Australia “Sophie” skinny ankle crop jeans had to go. One was dark indigo and one was black. They served me very, very well, I wore those two pairs several times a week for about 2 years. At $30 each they earnt their keep that’s for sure.
I loved them… however they were just… a bit uncomfortably too fitted, especially after washing them. Also, they needed a slightly longer top to be flattering, and I am preferring shorter or tucked tops at the moment.
Plus they were feeling worn. Just wasn’t loving the silhouette now. No more skinnies for me at the moment.
On with the new! I wasn’t supposed to buy anything until Easter, but I broke and bought a pair of black full length “mom” jeans. A person needs a pair of black jeans…. I am surprised how much I like them actually. Maybe my eye has finally adjusted??
Here’s my jeans capsule now. I feel like it’s pretty decent. Well, I could always have fun with more, but I am doing pretty well day to day for the moment.
How’s everyone else’s jeans capsules doing?