I tried to do a search of places like Athleta and Patagonia and Kit and Ace for a skirt like this and had no luck. But I do think knits are going to be the way to go at least for the near future, and it will be a question of finding the right ones, that allow you to feel "finished" and not overly casual.

And now another thought -- what about a waisted style that buttons (instead of elastic)? Or would that be too bulky, problematic in other ways? The Everlane swing skirt is an example.

You do wear tube skirts really well. So for a slim style, that won't be a problem -- they're still available.

Can you still wear a woven jacket or coat when temps are appropriate? That might help a lot.

Suz, a consignment store owner suggested a skirt-like pant that can be buttoned in front to form a V pleat. It does put lots of fabric front and center, but I think it looks ok. The best part is deep pockets that can hold my phone or the receiver for the medical device that don’t show with all the fabric. These pants can be further adjusted with ties, but I tuck them (the ties) into the pockets. They look a bit boho or gaucho, especially worn with boots...more casual than I’d like, but it works. I suspect that my style may move more boho for awhile until I get this figured out. Those loose Lucky peasant blouses would look good with the pants.

Kati, those woman’s wraps on the abs may be the answer to finding a way to wear a swim suit. I think it would have to be a two piece but then would need something to cover the meter/sensor on my tummy and that would stay put and not ride up (or down).

Ah...the pants sound great, Joy. I've been searching skirts at Nordstrom and it looks as if there might be some that could (theoretically) work....in Spring/ summer I am wondering if certain wrap styles could also work....



It looks like cargo skirts might be a "thing" this year -- could be useful! https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/t.....tegory-per

Here's a knit one that is pricey but has a flat waistband: https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/t.....origin=cat

Not thinking any of these are "the thing" but maybe trying on a variety of styles in a consignment shop would help you figure out what exactly could work best. There are also maternity skirts (as well as pants) that might be useful.

Suz, I really like these skirts, especially the second and the cargo skirt. Thank you. I may need to make a trip to Nordstrom soon before they get picked over.

Joy, wanted to chime back in with a plea to keep us updated when you find something that works.

I have a friend with a very similar device whose eyes lit up when I mentioned this thread to her. She’s never been on a fashion forum, but is now regularly checking YLF because of all the helpful suggestions here. She thought she was the only person who had this fitting issue after the dumbfounded looks she got from SAs when she asked for help.

Gaylene, I am used to people not “getting” the challenges of diabetes, but SA’s! I will keep you updated on this part of my style journey, which has been wholly unexpected. I hope your friend will find some solutions here and have fun with fashion.

I’ve been following this thread with interest, Joy, and am happy to see so many workable possible solutions for you. Feeling reasonably attractive, especially when dealing with health or other challenges, is such a morale booster. Please keep us posted about how this new leg in your style journey works out for you.

Aren’t you glad you followed my advice Joy and posted this here, look at all the great ideas members gave!

I hope you feel better! ❤️ *hugs*

I always hope for a better tape. I found this new to me tape: https://www.rocktape.com/2018/.....sor-users/

I’m thinking about trying it.

Rachylou, that tape does look promising. Let me know if it works for you. It would be nice not to have to go through all the layers of plastic wrap, etc just to take a shower.
Jess your advice was golden, thank you.
Windchime, I will follow up on this post if it will help anyone. I k ow meter placement will make a difference. I need to talk to the company that makes the device before using my arms like Rachylou does. That would open a whole new bunch of problems for dressing and even sleeping..

You have had lots of good advice.

My added ideas:

Try maternity pantyhose. Extremely soft stretchy panel at the front, yet the legs are still skinny.

There's a Japanese undergarment that I found on Pinterest a while back, when all the pants available in stores were low rise and my tops kept failing to close the gap. I can't remember the name, and I never did get one, but it might work for this issue. It's like a belly band I suppose. Covers from bottom ribs to hips. That might hold the meter in place under clothes because it would stay with you even if the clothes shift.

I tried suspenders for a bit, when the pants were all low rise and a belt didn't do much good over my slim hips. They fit with my Gentlewoman aesthetic. But with a top and then a white coat covering them, getting them off in time to suit my postmenopausal bladder was not easy. Wearing them in a visible fashion would work better though.

That is good information for another post metapausal woman with diabetes to add to the problem. That could add to the problem, especially in the future. I will try the pregnancy pant hose as I have skinny legs. Thank you for this advice.

Joy, I am glad you posted this and so happy to see that there are many helpful suggestions and links. You always look fabulous and I have no doubt that you will find solutions to this new challenge.

I only skimmed the comments, Joy, sot these might have already been suggested—but I very much wanted to support you and this thread: For tops, I was just reminded of the tie bottom, which can be manipulated in length and even leave a hole if you tie loosely. I also thought of top-one-button cropped coats and jackets that snap on the diagonal, so that the bottom hangs in a boxy way and sort of swings with a loose diagonal opening. Neither of these will keep you warm in the coldest winter, but they might work during the other three seasons. Thank you for your willingness to share and enlighten us all!

Joy...this seems to be on the same thought line as a maternity belly ban, but made specifically for diabatic needs, and it comes in a wide range of colors

and since you said that you wore a cami most days

Mainelady, thank you for your thoughts and uplifting words.
Column, those are useful and fabulous suggestions that did not occur to me. Thank you.
Kkards. These products look very useful. I will try the first one for sure, and will probably wear it daily to hold things. So few women’s clothing items have useful pockets these days. I hope to try the tank too. On cold days I often layer 2 tanks.

I love that so many forum members have suggested solutions for your challenge. Although I have nothing to add, I have no doubt that you will work through this and continue to look beautiful.

I only read the first page of replies, so forgive me if I'm repeating something from the second, but why not a cozy cocoon-shaped (or empire waist) sweater dress or tunic with leg warmers or otk socks? You could add an open jacket or cardi to make a column of color. Try the under-the-belly maternity tights mentioned earlier if the other won't stay up on their own.

Finds quit working for me, but here is one general idea, and links to some shorter, more colorful ones at Anthropologie. I know you've never liked leggings-as-pants, but this might be the time to take the plunge Your butt would be covered, but if you need to pull the tunic up in public, no one would be shocked. Then again, these might be long enough on you to be bona fida dresses.


https://www.anthropologie.com/.....;color=004 (check out the pic of it with the plaid leggings)



ETA the find is the worst picture of that dress. I don't know how to change the picture, but it comes in other colors, on the model it does not look like a dark sack that would drape everything, and of course you would have a colorful jacket, a scarf, and some sparkly shoes on with it--the dress would basically be background for your outfit.

One other thought--does the device have to be under your clothing? I have seen people with medical devices worn basically on the waistband of their pants. They look like badasses, unafraid of the medical issue or what anyone thinks, part cyborg and ready to rule over us puny humans. Seriously, if the waistband itself isn't uncomfortable, you could get some kind of holster, like the ones for cell phones and pagers (remember those?) and carry on your usual way.

I will not repeat other's comments, but yep, that might be really challenging- and even if I by myself never heard of such a gadget hope you will get used asap to wearing and use it without compromising your fun with fashion - as you always have a great style Joy! Not to be compared with your really gorgeous lifesaver gadget but I wear my humble cochlear implant on my head and carry aditional gadgets only 16/24 with me in a waistbag but have an idea how incomfortable that can become from time to time- but we are cyber womens aren't we- and not just common ones, but Fashionable Cyber Qeens-so we will solve that, too!:-)

Everyone has given so many good suggestions. I know you will be able to figure out a solution (or two) that is stylish and practical.

Here’s my contribution:
I would suggest you try Hy-tape for the adhesive issue. Also called pink tape. I have used it on many patients and it really works

And the other suggestion I have is Belly Bandit Belly Shield. This one is very light and you can tuck it in your bra and panties to keep it secure. They have other products with more support if you need/want that.

Good luck- I am so glad you reached out to the forum. What a great group we are! Hugs to all!

Ack, I lost my post. Thank you for your kind words and great suggestions. I can see that this will be trial and error to figure out what works. The device is under my clothing unless I reveal my stomach, which I may have to do in a swim suit unless belly bands do not push on the device. Fashintern, those sweater dresses look way to short. Although I am 5’3”, lengths on me are usually the same as the much taller models. Long socks will be trial and error as my legs are skinny and not much stays up.
Madeline, thank you for the tape suggestion and belly bandit link.
Lyn67, yes we are cyber queens paving the way for those wearing all the new tech stuff that is being developed all the time.
Bonnie, thank you for the encouragement. I will figure this out, I hope with a minimum of time and expense.

Joy, if I were to wear any of those dresses, it'd be as a tunic (except for the Banana Republic find). That's why you're taking the plunge into leggings.

Great suggestions already! I'm in the no structured waistband boat too, so distracting with asymmetry, streamlined shoes, and texture are strategies I'm using.
Is this something you need long term or just for a short while?

Long term. I like your distraction idea. I hope you don’t mind if I use it. My addition would be scarves.

Not at all! Lysse has a bunch of low contrast/appearance of texture leggings too. Also harder edge than I want, but Athleta has moto style leggings. Summer is way easier though!

I am not used to wearing leggings and thought I might try a large size in tights, something with a large waist band. The trick is finding something that fits enough that it will not slip down. The leggings I have are woven and heavy. They have a waist like jeans do and will not work.