What a great sweater! Glad you decided to keep it. My eye is not quite adjusted to the shorter length, but I can see that it's "right".

Thanks for the reassurance, everyone! The sweater is a hit. I wore it last night to go have dinner with my husband at a new-to-us place, and it wound up being the perfect choice because we got seated in a closed-in outdoor patio on a brisk night. It was perfectly pleasant wearing a cotton sweater. Hubs likes it too (always a good thing!).

I have now successfully updated my F/W knitwear. The collection was looking tired when I pulled it out at the end of the summer, as I think every sweater I owned was at least three years old, some as old as 15+ years! The exception was the nice basic solid-color V-necks I found last year from Boden and Rag & Bone. So I was in the market for a couple of new *interesting* and modern sweaters, and this is just the thing I needed.

As a fellow short-waister I think this type of welted sweater is ideal for higher waisted pants, actually. The welt coming slightly over the hips lengthens the torso to my eye, and maintains an overall subtle hourglass silhouette which wider, crop-styled tops do not. And more forgiving than a body con ribbed top (now I’m just projecting my own issues which you don’t have, lol). I hope more tops like this appear at retail.

Jules, I think your assessment is pretty spot on! I don't do body con ribbed tops anymore either -- this kind of fit nicely disguises a lot of my extra fluff! LOL

I love it. It's the perfect color and it makes your legs look soo long.

Great sweater, congratulations on finding tops for high waisted jeans/pants. Love the leather coat/scarf/amazing purse!

This sweater is gorgeous, and perfect for you, glad you decided to keep it! I love Rebecca Minkoff and have tried several clothing items but they never fit me right. I found this TH sweater in a similar style that I'm considering...it's not quite as interesting a design as yours but might actually fit me!

That sweater is an absolute knockout on you, Janet! I don't notice your short torso because what I see, besides how fab you look, are your legs that go on for days.

Thanks, all!

Chris, that's a great sweater! Definitely reminiscent of the one I got. I also reminds me of my old Aiko sweater from years ago -- black cashmere with white leather patches that go down the sleeves. I still have it and love it but I tend to save it for cold weather so I can layer a thin top underneath, and I kind of baby it too because it's dry clean only. I'm a sucker for a sporty stripe!

Glad to hear you're keeping and wearing it, Janet. It looks fab. And you could say it shortens the torso perhaps, or you could say it lengthens the legs. In my book, it looks really great. (Another short torso reporting in. I'm loving the more cropped options available these days.)

It made me think of auto racing, even before you said motorcycle! Glad you kept it!