Our wardrobe collapsed in the middle of the night……, Well the rail did. Plaster sprinkled around, clothes all over the place, and a big bang!

Currently our clothes are heaped on my sons bed (he lives away from home but I can’t quite call it the spare room).

We went to the hardware store and have decided the current system is as good as we can fit in our limited space. I may change a few of the accessories around ( eg belt storage) but the concept will remain.

Anyway it has been a chance to clean it all, re- sort the luggage shelf (above the closet) and make a tweaks.

I am going to hang my occasion wear in my son’s room to reduce the weight. Jon is going to do an edit - I don’t want to as I did mine a month ago.

I will photograph the end result.

It’s a satisfying job for a hot muggy wet day!