Hello all (long long long rambling post)
Clearly not as awesome as Angie - but giving a go on writing this up.

Angie's blog post about a capsule inspired me and I did something I have never done before - In one swoop I did a total fall/early winter refresh based on Fridays capsule - 7 hours of shopping and one very happy camper later - So I will walk you through - what I bought and what I have that made this capsule. ( I actually ended up sitting out the Nordstrom sale because of some great life circumstances I ended up going to Panama for a month - I will have to write a post about how YLF made it possible for me to do this trip with only a 20 pound backpack and feel fab every day)

This capsule is totally based on Angie's idea for mix and match - I have so many options with this collection - Also my job has changed slightly and I have chosen to step down from being a principal to a coordinator position so I feel I can dress much more smart casual instead of business casual.

Color Palette: Inspired by Angie - and having spent the last two years since joining YLF building a fab base wardrobe - My base is black, gray with some Navy blue - So I wanted to add color - I choose to focus on Rich Burgundy, Pink and Tan/Brown

Pattern: Like Angie I stuck with a floral and animal print

Metals: Silver ( I actually updated my necklace collection with three necklaces)

Dress Code: Smart Casual and Casual

Outfit combinations: All tops match multiple bottoms and work with all toppers

Basics in my closet not shown in finds:

  1. Black ponte pants - skinny fit, ankle fit, and bootcut fit
  2. Black skirts - leather and ponte
  3. Navy skirt
  4. Red skirt
  5. Denim skirt
  6. Black tops - light weight sweaters in black, short sleeve top, Black tunic
  7. White top - short sleeve
  8. Grey sweater in every shade of grey and variation

No onto the fun with the clothes bought


  1. EF Brown Crepe ankle Pants (Finds - New)
  2. Alfani Patterned Skinny Pants (Finds - new)
  3. Lane Bryant - Pink Pants (Finds -New)
  4. Black ponte pants (Finds - old)
  5. White pants (Finds Old)
  6. Plus all the basics mentioned above - Black skirts in every version and more ponte pants


  1. Sejour print blouse (Finds - new)
  2. Alfani long sleeve top in Blue and Rich Burgundy (Finds - new)
  3. J-crew sweatshirt (finds - old one of my favs ever)
  4. Inc international Pink tiered illusion top (finds old)
  5. Animal print shirt (not pictured - older - love it)
  6. Plus not pictured - Black sweater cold should, white tops, Black light weight sweater and Black tops in any fabrication short and long sleeved you can come up with.


  1. Animal print Cardigan (Finds -new)
  2. Denim jacket (finds - new - hard to believe I don't have one but finally found one I adore and looks great on me)
  3. Black faux leather vest (finds -old)
  4. Black leather jacket (finds -old)
  5. Grey Cardigan (Finds -old)

Taking a cue from Angie I have an assortment at play

  1. Nine West Konah bootie (finds -new)
  2. AGL hot pink loafers (finds - newish)
  3. Rebbecca Minkoof Loafers (finds newish)
  4. Steve Madden leopard print slip on - (finds old)
  5. AGL booties (finds old)
  6. AGL Clair strap pump (finds old)

I bought three necklaces in silver - I have two very lovely silver bracelet combinations that I wear every day - Tiffany bracelets bought my husband and daughter - I get a new bracelet on my birthday, mothers day and christmas - we will start working on the third bracelet combo this year.

  1. Silver geometric chocker (Finds)
  2. Silver long pendant (Finds)
  3. Silver and Black Kendra Scott pendant (Finds)
  4. Scarfs - I have a hot pink scarf and animal print scarf

I have two fall wedding so I bought a new wedding outfit

  1. Geometric skirt (finds)
  2. Will wear with a black silk top tucked in (finds)
  3. Geometric chocker
  4. AGL ankle Strap pump

Next Steps
My favorite clothing line will be coming into the boutique I shop at in October - I will buy one top. Other then that I do not see myself shopping again until January or Maybe February when it is deep winter in Minnesota - because I love this capsule and have tons of amazing outfits with it.

Like I said I feel like I earned my PHd in creating capsules - I always wondered how Angie did it with Clients but once you get a plan in place, know your wardrobe and have great basics you really can update in one shopping trip.

Closet clean out is next.

Thanks for reading this far if you made it.

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