Originally written as a response to Sterling’s post on how her mission here changes from year to year. The word “you” in the following most likely refers to her, if it is not the general “you” that Yanks use for “one” or “a person”.

I don’t know enough to set goals!

I have my workout gear “capsule” down, and just received some great ideas earlier today on the other capsule you said you did early on, pyjamas.

One thing that hasn’t changed since starting here: comfort is king. I don’t see how people wear clothing that restricts movement, shoes that hurt their feet or backs, fabrics that are uncomfortable, etc. Part of that is decisions I made about feminism as a young woman never to go along with things that limit women’s abilities and power. Another part of it is that I like to dance and wiggle and jump around and play. Also, I don’t like pain.

Similarly, I insisted on freedom from carrying any kind of a purse for ages, until I realized that my book bag had always had lots of things I wanted to have ready to use when I was out and about, so if I wasn’t carrying one, my pockets weren’t going to be able to hold much more than keys, wallet, phone, usb, and maybe hair doodads.

I now carry the smallest possible bag to hold my “contingency kit”. I see it as a way to be prepared and therefore be independent, not needing to ask for help as much. One of my son’s robotics club mates once called me Hermoine because of it. So far, the “bag ladies” here have not convinced me to do otherwise.

One thing that has changed: it takes me so much longer to get dressed now! Never before YLF did I experience “the struggle” of trying on one thing after another like I did with those shorts the other day.

There are three things I’m grappling with.

1. the climate where I currently live, I want to adapt my wardrobe without actions (purges or purchases) that will create difficulties if /when we move to a different climate.

2. I hope to change my body shape, and just started working out with a buddy so I’ll stay more focused. This obviously complicates purge/purchase decisions. Thus far, I’ve motivated myself with clothing items from the past, like those shorts (purchased about 11 years ago) and new purchases that are intentionally a size or two too small, like the blue and white striped dress I had for over a year before I could wear it.

3. Figuring out “my style” more specifically. I already have strong ideas about what i do and don’t like, but often cannot explain why. La Ped’s comment about “fantasy pieces” strikes fear into my heart (slight exaggeration) because I love this skirt. I have been aiming to get into it for over a year now, and have made several purchases with a primary or secondary purpose of wearing them with it. What it I get there, body and climate wise, put on the skirt, and DON’T LIKE IT???

In two of those three challenges (climate, body, and future style), I’m taking the same approach of not buying anything only for just one purpose, but always having more ways to use it.

With shape-shifting, there is only so much you can do, but I have slowed way down buying bottom pieces, and plan to continue going easy on them until my shape is close to my goal. On top, I’d like to end up with the same bust measurement I have now, but with more lats & pecs/muscle and less fat. I think that can only make things look better.

Those things are all underlying factors to buying/discarding pieces of clothing. I’m not sure exactly how they will effect my wardrobe over the long haul, and can’t translate them (yet) into concrete purchase or purge goals.

It is important to me to build a wardrobe that reflects me accurately and positively. I think I am both forceful and caring. I am extremely analytical and can be very energetic. All of those things, I think, will work in my favor in half a year when I hope to be approaching a new job. I expect to encounter some agism, so need all the weapons I can get in my arsenal to fend that off. A wardrobe that projects those parts of me and shows how dynamic (code for young) I am will be an important asset. That’s my motivation.

Just reading discussion here, like these goals, is informative for me. I am grateful for the advice I have gotten from many people here at YLF. Even when my sizable stubborn streak (my response to wardrobe editing was 180 degrees the opposite direction from yours, Sterling) has shown through and I have needed to see for myself, you have been patient with me. I hope to continue to be part of this community. As I learn I hope to make more valuable contributions.

One day I’ll change my name to something that doesn’t include “intern”. It may have to do with paisley, or indigo, or leather & lace. Maybe “purple paisley”. My avatar will probably change too, maybe to this pattern or this boot, which has my colors in incredible, flashy glitz, but is at base a tough and basic boot. Right now, I still have a lot to learn, so I’m still the fashion intern Fashiontern.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to comments.

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