I am not ready for summer to be over yet! I love to go bare legged and I haven't logged enough poolside hours yet!

If you'd asked this a week ago, I'd have said sandals!

Well, not literally, but we JUST got our summer weather, within the last couple of weeks. And it hit with a vengeance - from feeling like late October (slight coolness and dry air) to the humidex in the high 30's (which is hot for here). I'm loving it, just slowly pulling out my true summer clothes, and am NOWHERE ready to even think about fall.

NAS is hard for me for that reason. I think if summer came earlier, I could get into that headspace. But it doesn't.

Thanks for chiming in everyone - I have to do some work so I can't respond to everyone but really enjoyed the comments!

Aida - I feel the jacket fits TTS, I got a M and it seems just right to me, slightly oversized but that's the look of it and I wanted to be able to layer comfortably. I hope you receive yours soon!

Not holding anything at this point, but that burgundy jacket looks FABULOUS for you.

boots. I can't wait to wear boots every day. I love boots. I love the attitude I feel come over me when I put on a pair of boots. My friends say they can tell whether I'm wearing boots or shoes as I exit a car, even though they can't see my feet.

I also have some extra long tunics I can't wait to wear, but it's too hot to really think about those right now because they have long sleeves and it is hot as blue blazes right now.

I am not longing to wear anything else than summer clothes yet. Maybe in late August. I had a long, cold winter with lots of snow, so I enjoy being able to wear sandals and breezy skirts and dresses.

I’ve recently realized that I have several lightweight cotton sweaters. I’ve worn them recently, and paid for it in sweat. I’ll be so glad when we move and I can wear them without thinking.

Also, I’ve purchased two pairs of Oxfords this year—tan from Björn and grey from Call it Spring. (I was supposed to test the concept with the cheap grey ones, but haven’t had a chance to try, and then I saw the Björns for a great price). Oxfords are not Florida shoes. I’m looking forward to wearing them.

I’m into my summer clothes. I haven’t worn them enough yet and I haven’t swum enough yet. I just realized I love a maxi skirt so I’m hoping to wear my new one a lot more, and maybe add more.
The items I am looking forward to wearing are my UGG black booties, my purple EF knee length sweater, and a transitional EF black dress. Nordstrom Rack and the EF outlet have been good to me. I am looking forward to wearing the UGG’s because I like the cozy feel. But give me not too hot summer weather most of the year and I wouldn’t complain. Probably because we have low humidity.

Jeans. Oh, I miss jeans. It’s just been way too hot and humid.

Since it is winter for me, I bought this summer cotton dress in Japan and it will be perfect for my long hot summers. I am not wishing away winter, because it was warm right up to April this year and so the cooler weather is a nice change from our endless summers.

... Well, NOW I had some to add. This weekend, I purchased a lovely icy pink (lined) blazer, which I look forward to wear when temperatures get lower. For several weeks, we have had heat waves in parts of Scandinavia, and the heat continues, so at present I can't wear blazers, but most probably, there will be a lot of opportunities in late August, September and next spring.

When the weather gets cooler, I look forward to wearing knee boots and hose and tights with my skirts and dresses.

Boots boots boots! Jeans & boots! Boots & jeans!

It actually hit 114 F here yesterday. I'm not sure but I think that is a record. It may be quite some time before I can think of fall clothing. Sigh.