I'm a sneaker lover, but like to change up sneaker style. Loved slip-ons and wore mine into the ground before there was time to fall out of love. Now I'm enjoying my Cons. The red high tops are leather, and a half size too big. They are perfect when worn with wool socks, so are weekend favourites - more so during colder weather!

My Cons are knitted up with comfy inserts so they are always a pleasure to wear.

"loafers, ballet slippers, and oxford shoes " all sound much colder to me than sneakers! Especially the ballet slippers.

Sneakers + jeans, isn't that an old, basic formula? I can't see how it's unworkable in winter, although it is of course more casual. But I can see sneakers + dress not working in winter, because the dresses in question are usually flirtier/shorter/not as warm.

I tried the sneaker trend when it first started but shoes that tie hurt my hands so I passed them on. I just ordered a Vionic hi top that both ties and zips and I love them. I will wear them as booties. At least that is the plan.

Vionic Torri
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I finally found sneakers that work for me -- Allbirds!

I like that you don't need to wear socks with them at all. Those "no-show" socks never work for me. The Allbirds are made of merino wool so they are soft as can be and don't rub or chafe anywhere, plus they are WARM and toasty, or cool and breathable.

I haven't tried the loafer version -- I have the laces in the grey. I don't think they look clunky on my feet either. I can walk for hours in them.