I fetched the blazer from UPS this morning, and it is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Fluidly tailored and impeccable. Stunning quality, pattern, colour, weight and fit. The sleeves are long enough. It wowed me! I love pants suits.

But I don't have the matching pants Have ordered them three times...... and had them cancelled three times.

I am continuing to stalk my size in the pants a few times a day until the sale ends. If I can't get the pants, I am returning the jacket. I want the SUIT - not another item blazer.

Now I know how well a Hugo Boss suit can work for my style, so I'll add it to my shopping list.

Onwards we go, and a fun suit purchase is in my future - one way or another. I am patient and relaxed about it

ETA: Thanks to Gryffin, who alerted me that my size was available in the pants, I just ordered them! Thank you soooo much! Let's hope they arrive and work. I am fully prepared to alter them to create a perfect fit.

ETA #2: Got the pants. ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FIT. I couldn't have hoped for a more stunning suit