Oh, Jaime. You don't miss a trick and crack me up Thanks for the kind words. Sam's toys will be the last thing I pack,

Quick pop in to say aww And you're such an organized packer!

SAM!! He is a trouper!!!
I love how organized you are. And I am the opposite. Many more shoes than bags. But if I continue to live in the west my winter shoe/boot complement will shrink and my bags may increase a bit.

It's going to be really interesting. You will have a few weeks of having things scattered, which might make your needs much more apparent and you'll be able to design fully with those in mind.

Good luck!!

I’m admiring your neat packing style - and I’m thinking how lovely it will be to unpack in your new home.

Sam is gorgeous as ever.

Well you know I’m a shoe girl... but for a bag minimalist I have rather a lot of clutches! They are small so my bags would take up less space in boxes
Cute Sam pics x

Good luck with the move. We just downsized and it has been great...though I am spoiled with a big closet and built-in shoe storage and shelves for bags. How exciting for you to start a new chapter. Can’t wait to hear how it all works out for you, Angie. Also: Sam!!!

That's crazy; I'm the total opposite. All my purses fit in one largish tupperware. The shoes are in stacks and stacks, in little boxes lining the floor of my closet... and on the overhead shelves... and a few in the attic, too!

Suntiger, you are as lovely as ever.

Suz, I might make you a Bag Person - watch out! YES. My wardrobe will be scattered until we can remodel. It will be interesting...... I’ve never had a scattered wardrobe! You’re dead right. It's better to live in the new space FIRST, before remodeling it. We're taking our time.

Jane, YES. The unpacking is even more fun

Jenni, sneaky

Kyle, thanks. I hope to have a beautiful WIC again.

Lesley, it’s safe to say you are a Shoe Gal

I'm on team Sam. Snooze and play sounds perfect to me.

Peri, Team Sam is the best team.

Only one thing to say. Good luck with your move.

No surprise how organized your packing is. I am laughing because we are opposites in this area. I have TONS of shoes and only 1 "real grown up handbag". But my favorite is Sam and his stash of toys and the last pic of him "exhausted" from watching and assisting with packing

I would be the polar opposite. I would be able to carry my 2 or 3 bags on my arms, but need considerably more boxes than you for my shoes

This didn't surprised me-but expected more boxes, as bags are bigger than shoes! Isn't Sam a cutie here again!:-) Thank you for the killers in the other thread, sweet Angie!:-)

Seems you have more shoes than bags, but the bags take up more room?

And the proof is in the boxes! Sam needs a box for his chew toys.

Add my vote to the very interested in your packing and organizing tips and pics. I’m not a bag lady! But YLF is expanding both my shoe and bag collection. I liove seeing all of your current collections.