These are pretty! #rabbithole

Angie - ah yes, my shadow style persona/alter ego... I think it is a Cher look-alike in floor length sequined Mackie dresses and feather head pieces.... Fabulous, yes, but not at all suitable for my life. Sigh.

Janet - those are great sparkly pieces! I like flip-sequins, too! Hell, any sequin, really....

Lisa - I know you will come up with something amazing for your party! We are hosting family who will likely come in sweatpants... that's a rant for a different post...

TG - ooooh those ARE pretty! Time for me to over-think table decor! LOL!

KikiG - Ah yes. I have been in the "I don't DO THAT" camp, and found myself scrambling to cobble together outfits for various events. That may be more annoying than having things take up space that don't get worn... a fine line, though. I am with you on the scratchiness factor - the WORST!

I don't have anywhere to wear all the lustrous sparkly things, so I don't buy them. I WANT to buy them, but having no use for them is a pretty good deterrent LOL

I don't tame my inner magpie. Why would I? I love all things shiny and sparkly, especially when they're combined with "touch me" fabrics like velvet, silk, or velour. I'll wear my most sparkly statement earrings with a denim shirt because why not and I'm just doing my own thing.

About dusting sequins Nemosmom- I never dust them and they’re fine? I bought a sequinned silver sleeveless top in 2002 that I wore for events for years- last wore to a friend’s daughter’s 21st in 2014. I felt I was a bit fat for it at that point but have kept it in the dress-up cupboard because it would fit my daughters- and probably me at a pinch for an actual disco party or something. The sequins are still in good nick 17 years on. It was Monsoon brand bought in UK. Loved that brand.

@nuancedream, right on!

& @nemosmom

cindysmith - I love your determination! I wish you could be my shopping wingman and voice of reason

nuancedream - right on! Adding some sparkle to denim is a great idea!

Jenni - that's great to hear that your sequins are still in good shape after all these years! I have to dust my suede shoes and blazer shoulders quite often since I rarely wear them...

I am no help with this one, I over indulge my inner Magpie and wear the sparkle year round. I have more sequins, feathers, tulle, lace and faux fur than I care to think about - but then I do WEAR and enjoy it. For me, being somewhat overdressed is part of my signature style and I just have fun with it. Only once in my life was I actually underdressed and it just felt weird to be the most casual person in the room!

Helena.......I think I saw those napkin rings when I was in Simons last weekend. Nice! They had a lot of interesting but very affordable things for Christmas. I was thinking I should grab some things before everything gets picked over.....Note to self: Christmas is coming so get your act in gear.

Reading comments I'm surprised with how many women feel that sparkle and shine is limited to the short holiday season so why bother. I mean, if sparkle isn't your thing that's totally cool but I think one item thrown on with casual denim is great any day of the year. Have fun with it!

Nemosmom.....The sequin pants are supposed to be arriving today. Gulp! They were rapidly selling out and the only size left was mine so I figured that was a sign. My expectations are very low so we'll see. I love a good sequin but I may have jumped the shark with pants. LOL

What Lisa said. I feel out of place in exuberant party wear when everyone else is super casual. And it makes me sad to see the shiny stuff I already own, languish in my closet. So I'm just not looking anymore. However, something like that Boden sweater I'm sure would get some mileage...

I try to get sparkly things that will go with my existing regular clothes-for example I have a champagne pink sequin tank that will go with all my pants and skirts, and will layer over turtlenecks and under jackets. Somehow i don’t feel like I need as more other pieces.

Whatever you get, GO BIG. All over sequins. Chunky crystal necklace, etc so it feels really satisfying.

Marilyn - keep us posted on your sequin pants! I hope they work out for you! I gotta stay away from Zara during the holiday season; it's a sparkly, dangerous place!

nemosmom......Received the sequin pants. They fit like a glove, are quite flattering, have nice stretch. Unfortunately, they have no backing or lining and feel pretty much like a nylon shower puff on the inside. Great design, poor execution. If they were comfortable I'd 100% keep them. So, if you want to exfoliate while walking around...........As Angie would say, NEXT!

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UGH! Sequin pants WITHOUT lining?!?! What were they thinking???

*wipes chai off phone @ Marilyn's scrubby sponge pic*

I had at least one scrubby sponge sequin top- back in the day! Things with metallic threads have a similar effect, though more of microdermabrasion (sp?) :p

I can never have enough sparkle and shine! It just makes me so happy.