Hi all

I mentioned this video a couple of times in my posts and Inge linked to it on Link Love but I thought I would post it again for those who might have missed it.

I found it quite inspirational and used it to guide my Etsy necklace purchases for project dark romance.

My main takeaway was that I wanted an opera length chain to anchor my looks. I ended up getting one in gold and one in silver. Opera length is about 45 inches for me but I am long in the torso. Others might prefer a little shorter.

I then took special care when purchasing other necklaces to make sure that they were a little shorter than my anchor chain (or could be adjusted so that they were shorter). No more buying a chain just because I liked the look of it - length is important!

I also took care (to the extent that I could, using Etsy) to try and match the level of refinement of my anchor chain. That is, I asked the Etsy seller specific questions about how big the pearls or beads were, and the chain links, to make sure pieces blended well together.

It also has some good tips on how to wear brooches.

Here is the video. It goes for about 12 minutes:


By coincidence, the stylist who made this video has an Etsy shop and I ended up purchasing one of the necklaces that she uses in the video. How cool is that