Sheryl -- Thank you for mentioning Kotn! They've been on my radar, both for tees and for cotton sweaters. I'm waiting for them to release just the right colour in their ribbed crewneck. I almost bought a taupe-y light brown one earlier this fall, but it sold out before I could place an order. I've only heard good things about Kotn, and their prices aren't far off from Everlane, etc.

Greyscale -- I think climate does make a big difference! I run cold always, and I'm in a cold place. I used to be able to wear merino baselayers no problem, which do such a good job of regulating temperature and moisture. Now I'm limited to short-sleeve or sleeveless merino tees, which has thrown my layering strategy for a bit of a loop. Also, not being able to wear lightweight wool and cashmere knits with just a camisole underneath, which used to be a straightforward solution...

Star -- I agree; I definitely like to avoid laundering knitwear, especially in the winter. Takes sooo long to dry.

Murph11 -- I've been off J Crew lately, but those tees do look great.

kkards -- I'm going in the opposite direction! I thought I didn't need them, but now I have enough deep-V cardigans where a Heattech-type top just doesn't cut it, I'm having to rethink my strategy.

Erin -- I'm liking ribbed textures too, and glad to be seeing a good selection of rib-knit tops this fall.

SarahD8 -- "a cable-knit cardi over a heathery gray tee and worn-in jeans" sounds like such a perfect fall formula!

Cee -- I like higher necks too, for warmth, but I do like the look of a not-too-deep v-neck. But they're difficult to find.

Angie -- Such a beautiful assortment! Yummy colours.

Jane -- Yes, workplaces are tricky. I'm mostly working remotely this year, so at least I don't have to dress for transitioning from frigid recess duty to overheated classrooms.

Minaminu -- I agree, silk blouses would definitely require a baselayer for me for most of the year.

Mainelady -- We're in similar climates, so it makes sense that we have similar layering strategies! Another endorsement for Three Dots -- I'll have to check them out.

Nemosmom -- I almost placed an order for the Duluth ribbed crewneck, but got hung up on colour. None of the non-neutrals appealed to me, and black was out of stock in my size when I looked. I may keep it bookmarked and look again next season.

JAileen and Mary -- I should definitely keep Eddie Bauer on my radar. They have great essentials.

A good layering top is hard to find, especially because they have to tick so many boxes for me. They have to layer, be nice by themselves to be thick enough to drape and not to be see trough, and the list goes on.
My latest issue with layering tops(especially cotton ones ) is that DD is now old enough to fit in them and has been moving some of them to her rotation(to be fair she needs them more than I do).
The blue crewneck one I added in finds from Banana Republic has a good weight to it and comes in nice colors.
I have also added the turtleneck one to my wardrobe as I find that short sleeves are easy to manage under blazers or cardigans.

I still wear V-neck sweaters ( usually over a crewneck tee or a turtleneck ), but haven't worn a V-neck T-shirt in ages !

Celia -- Funny, I was just checking out BR for the first time in a long while. I'm in love with these scarves and was trying to see if there's anything else to throw in my cart while I contemplate them. The luxespun tops caught my eye. Nice colours!

Cee -- Interesting! I think I'm the opposite. I can never figure out quite how to wear v-neck pullover sweaters, but seem to gravitate toward v-neck tees.

I just received a couple of these from St. Johns Bay, and I like them so far! Not the most sustainable vendor (JCPenney), but they are 100% cotton, nice colors, and fit TTS.

For comparison, these round neck ones sit lower on the collarbone than my JCrew crew neck ones, and have a slightly more relaxed fit. These are longer and not as boxy as my Madewell ones. These are ever-so-slightly thinner than the LL Bean ones.

These are on sale at JCPenney (finds would only let me collect one color). I also ordered a short-sleeved one (in chocolate chip - still en route).

ETA: Looks like V-necks are also available!

Well, after posting here that I don't need layering tops, I realized that my work-from-home life means I get chilly at my computer. And a long sleeve jersey started seeming like a good addition. So far I've tried a lightweight "air" crewneck and turtleneck from Everlane (fail) and a Banana Republic ribbed cotton crewneck (tentative win -- flattering fit and nice thick fabric, but enough spandex that it feels like something is squeezing my arm, which isn't my favorite).

nemosmom -- those colours are great!! I'll have a look.

Suz -- getting rid of my fitted long-sleeve merino pieces really put a dent in my winter layers. I end up wearing a lot of merino camisoles over cotton sweaters instead, and then adding a puffy vest for extra warmth!

Greyscale -- I keep the house colder than most workplaces too. I think that's definitely a factor! Those Everlane Air tops didn't work for me either. Too flimsy/drape-y.

I was hoping to try one of these silk jersey crewnecks from the Uniqlo +J collab but they sold out before I could order. I ended up ordering two boring Uniqlo crewnecks instead, because I know I like the fabric, the way they fit, the neckline, sleeve length, etc. A lot of tops are longer than I like and bunch up around my hips over the course of the day; Uniqlo tops are just short enough not to do that, but still long enough to tuck if I want to.

I've also realized I don't like a super high crewneck, but one that's almost-but-not-quite a scoop, especially now that my hair is down to my shoulders. Long hair + high neckline + mask just feels too covered-up. I haven't been reaching for turtlenecks much at all this winter.

I havd dond city I- blend LS tops from Eddie Bauer I lije, though I size up because don’t lije any too clingy.
But cotton is not nearly warm enough for me now in winter.
So I discovered the Heatech “ fleece” tops which are heavier than their extra- warm and look more like a knit top. Unfortunately I think I prefer the style that is being phased out- it’s raglan shoulder and no- cuff sleeves, compared to the new version which has set- in shoulder and knit cuff. Colors are pretty drab, though.

I don't have a ton of these pieces at the moment, but I've always had the best luck with Gap's modern fit tees ... they wash really well and are smart enough to stand alone (my white one is not overly see-through although it's older so that might have changed).

My go to for long sleeved layering.tops are Land End long sleeved rash guards. I like them under long sleeved sweaters and they look ok on their own too plus The sun protection they provide in summer. Today I have on a black one under a rather scratchy black sweater. Very comfortable. The rash guards are polyester, so warm. I have black and white that get worn the most plus a navy and white stripe. They are a good length and size up or order the larger of your sized if between sizes.. They also pack easily and do not wrinkle.

Sensitive skin here. My three best purchases this in this category from the last few years are two Madewell Tissue mock turtles (the short boxy shape works with some of my sweaters), a group of Splendid ribbed mock necks that are really soft, and a Talbots scarf print crew neck. I also wear silk long underwear tops under sweaters I know I won’t be taking off.

I love these tees from Alternative. They are my go to layering tops.

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I did get one of the silk +J turtlenecks but a size larger than my usual, and it was far too big. Just mailed it back. But I have a thrifted Eileen Fisher silk turtleneck that is perfect for me and I'm stalking the crewneck EF version on Poshmark. (Arms on the EF tops would be too short for you I think.)

Today I’m wearing one of my tops from Intimissimi. They are great. I’m planning to post a review when Angie does her annual “change your undies” blog. (That’s a mask in my hand—I’m in the canteen)

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I don't have a wardrobe category that I think of as layering tops, in the main because I would like each piece to be able to stand on its own.

Boden often has nice jersey tops that look quite well with cardigans and jackets. (Their bretons don't work for me, though, due to wide shoulders).

I also just picked up these two jersey button front tops yesterday at a local boutique.

I can't bear itchy knits, either.

They are an essential for me, too, in cold weather. My preference is long sleeves for warmth, although if I’m wearing a warm enough topper, I’ll do 3/4 length sleeves. I’ve just been thinking that I could use some light weight knitwear for layering, in addition to cotton tee shirts. I would wear cardigans more in winter with warm layering shirts under them.

I usually wear crewneck for layering and toss on a scarf for warmth. With this year’s ubiquitous mask wearing, though, a scarf often feels like too much going on, and I’m finding myself wanting turtlenecks for layering.

I don't wear these.. my trouble is with finding good combinations of tops (blouses, shirts) and toppers. Longsleeves that can be worn on their own are something I don't reach for and don't feel good in. Even though I have no problem wearing a basic pullover sweater or (printed) tee on its own. It's weird :).

I don’t layer my tops per se and can’t remember when I stopped!! This winter I did start to wear sleeveless undershirts, however. I’m actually rotating through some workout tank tops that haven’t seen much wear since the gym closed for Covid in March. They are some sort of soft microfibre.

I don’t know if they would provide much protection from whatever the irritant is in wool that causes your skin reaction, but Halogen mesh t-shirts are long through the arms and body, and super light weight.

*currently sold out on site. Not sure about US site. Might come back in summer?