Thanks, Gigi...we've all got to laugh because there's no other option!

Maybe 20 and I rarely wear them. They give me indigestion.

Around 14 I think.

Most are Angie-recommended medium-belt loop filling wide.
I have kept only 1 narrow belt because it is leather and a nice colour.
2 wide stretchy ones that I don't wear right now.
Only 2 patterned- one pony hair and one a multi floral.

Favourite is a pewter leather one- it just seems to go with most outfits!

I'd guess I have about 20 (they're packed so I can't do a more precise count)? Most are thrifted & only work at my waist, as I wear blouses tucked into skirts a lot in the cooler months & like to finish it off with a belt. Which means now that I'm tucking more into trousers, I actually need to add a couple more hip-circumference belts. Luckily I'm not an aspiring minimalist.

For what it's worth, my favourite is a thinnish silver leather one. Metallics are so good at being neutrals/going with everything but also adding a special touch! I also kept wishing I had a white/cream one, and when I finally found one earlier this year I wore it quite a bit before it got too hot to think about belting. Oh and my wider navy blue velvet one is a cooler weather favourite, because of my velvet addiction!

Waay to many!
I have about 5 super skinny and 5 fairly wide belts, both meant to be worn at the waist, from a few years ago when they were meant to be worn that way. The haven't been worn at all in the last couple of years but I am keeping them, as they do not take much space.
And, about 20 various 1"-2" thick belts meant to be worn with jeans/pants at the hips, that I am constantly wearing now. Like Suz, I do a lot of-tucking/semi-tucking and much prefer the look with the belt. I am attaching a couple of favorites in the Finds. Other fairly frequently worn ones include:
1. cognac studded leather, Gap
2. taupe braided leather, Gap
3. white braided leather, DKNY
4. silver studded leather, Express
5. silver mirrored leather, J Crew
6. leopard pony hair, Nine West
7. taupe tiger pony hair, Nine West
8. grey/black zebra pony hair, Nine West
9. white leatehr studded, J Crew
10. white w/black stripe, Express

I am currently looking for two more leather ones to add to the collcetion, hoping to find a rose gold one and a wine/burgundy version.

I love belts...on other people. I have such a hard time, though I have tried and Angie has given super advice to me on them. I have one wide belt that I do wear every once in a while. Otherwise, I have 3 pant belts that I wear to keep my pants from gaping.

You sound as if you have a good number.

I have about 10 or 12 - nearly all the same width, but mostly wear about 5 of them on a regular basis. I do wear a belt nearly every day as I wear jeans and jean shorts so often or other shorts/pants that also just feel better to me with a belt on. And I nearly always semi-tuck thanks to YLF inspiration.

I find that my favorite belts match my hair tones (light pearlescent tan, a tan/gray/ivory/black python print, etc.) but my next current favorite is a simple navy belt and "matches" my jeans so I like that it is very subtle and goes with a lot of other items (handbags, shoes, jewelry). My old favorite from last year is a brown sort of floral studded wide jeans belt that is a little boho/Texas I guess. I will likely wear it more again this fall/winter.

Texstyle, I am stealing that idea of a denim matching belt. Genius!

Hehe, in answer to your question, probably not enough Seriously though, I only have about half a dozen and I would like more options.

I love the idea of a navy belt, too. I do have a blue one but it has brass hardware and I think I'd prefer silver; also I am not crazy about the texture of the belt itself. Great idea, texstyle.

Gigi, my Fossil belt is different from Firecracker's and Tanya's. It is a little simpler. I've looked for it but can't find it anywhere to add to Finds. It's just plain pewter leather (no perforations or detailing) with a rhinestone buckle, which sounds flashier than it looks IRL. Unfortunately, I bought it a size too big and now I am going to have to go get a hole punched into it and maybe some length taken off the end. I keep trying to convince myself it is okay as is...but no...

Like texstyle, I find my favourite belts "tie in" with my hair somehow. Not an exact match, but they pick up the tones. So this one works, and so does my leopard belt, and my snakeskin, and even the cognac to some degree. I'd like a better taupe belt. The one I have isn't a great width for pants and doesn't really sing to me.

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Heh, this question prompted me to take all my belts off the back of my closet door to take stock of what I have.

So, I probably have too many. About 30. I do wear belts frequently -- I don't love empty belt loops, mostly because they tend to bulge out and look sloppy. I have very simple belts that call very little attention to themselves that I wear in a low-contrast manner, and then some that are more of a statement.

I'd say maybe 8 of these are workhorses and maybe another half dozen or so are nice for variation. The others are outfit-specific or I have to be in the right mood for them. The cognac one with the big round buckle was a huge workhorse pre-YLF but I don't think I've worn it in at least 2 years. It kinda digs into my stomach. I should probably let it go. Same for the wide metallic belt with the big buckle.

I've also had the chain belt in and out of the donation bag, but I can't seem to let it go for some reason.

The perforated white belts look redundant, don't they? But I was ready to get rid of the thinner one until I realized that the newer Nike one is too wide to fit in the loops of one of my white jeans! So both are staying. Belts are so specific, aren't they?

I'm also including the stretch and wide waist belts I had stored with my scarves. I can't remember when I last wore any of these, so I should probably let them go? (The black one is sentimental/vintage -- my mom and I used to steal it from each other!)

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I agree with having a denim 'match' belt that blends in. Mine has pewter grommet holes, but is still subtle enough. It's one of my canvas jeans belts. I've thrifted 2 (the blue and army green) and I bought the other 2 (black and white both with grommets) at Kmart and Walmart. These are by far my cheapest belts, but most comfortable and most worn. Being fabric, they don't dig in anywhere. The only discomfort is if jeans are too low rise and they rest on my hip bones. At the end of the day that can leave marks. Ouch. I'm working on getting all the too low rises out of the closet though.

I have many belts, and wear one almost every day. I'm a Tucker.

I just culled 6 belts from the collection as a result of this thread -- thanks!

Heh, Janet! I was thinking if I only could have X belts . . .
I think I'd have 6 as a basic belt wardrobe. 4 for pants/hips and 2 for true waist/dresses.
A light neutral, dark neutral and then color or pattern for the pants belts, one skinny out of those. Definitely a canvas option in the pants belts for jeans. A wider neutral cinch belt for the waist and a thinner waist belt likely a color. Lastly a metallic.

In what's probably no surprise to anyone, I don't think I have any belts that would work with belt loops on pants. And, even if I tucked with pants, I'm not sure I'd really care about empty belt loops.

I've got a bunch that work at the waist with skirts or dresses, though. My black and cognac obi belts are my favorites, and I also have some that are at least part stretchy elastic and a few that are regular leather with buckles. I'd guess I have maybe 20 belts, but a lot probably need to be purged. Some of the elastic ones are really cheap-looking or all stretched out, and I also have things like D-ring ribbon belts that I used to wear with jeans circa 2002 or so. Can't image it's worth holding on to those.

I probably have 25 or more, and I wear all of them at least occasionally. I have a few that are total workhorses. My very very fave is my studded distressed Streets Ahead belt, which gets worn an average of once a week, I think. It was an Angie pick and I paid what seemed like an insane amount of money for a belt for it, but I love it beyond all reason. First runner-up is my wide leopard calf-hair belt from Talbots. Oh, and the wide black belt with gold studs from Target.

I purged a good number of belts before the recent move so I am confident that the ones I kept are the ones I really wear.

As has been mentioned by some of you already, I would love to find a fab navy belt. I have my eyes peeled...

Mary, Boden has some cute navy belts this season. Most are skinny though.

I am such a cheapskate for belts - spending more than 20 bucks for a belt seems crazy to me. Most of mine were thrifted or bought on sale.

A mere three and I only wear two of the three on a regular basis. I wear belts to keep my pants up.

I love a nice quality belt and they are one of my favourite accessories. I wear pants a lot and a belt finishes an outfit well, like good shoes and handbags. I have about 28 belts and wear one most days. Always with jeans and pants, and sometimes with skirts. Oh and there are some dresses that came with a belt too. Some of my belts are thin, but most are medium width for wearing with jeans and pants. Colours vary from bone, tan, cognac, dark brown, several in black, red, burgundy, maroon, navy, grey, animal print and plaid. Textures vary too, plaited, patent, croc, suede, studded, solid silver from my travels in India, and lots of smooth leather ones.

Mary, that studded belt is gorgeous! Frye makes a similar one. Love!

I have too many to count!! My workhorses are a one inch leather with a covered buckle in navy, black and cognac from brook brothers for pants with belt loops. I also have many narrow ones for belting over cardigans and sweaters. I'll even put them through belt loops, even if they don't " fill" the loops. My favorite narrow ones are a leopard print calf hair, from talbots I think, a navy one with a gold bow from kate spade, and a black lizard one with a great gold equestrian buckle from j McLaughlin. I also have many narrow ones in colors, most from talbots that make a great accent to an outfit. I never get rid of an accessory and this is a collection built up over the years!

Just echoing Mo that canvas grommet belts are very comfortable. I have one that is my go to belt for when I'm wearing grungy work outfits, and I also wear it under untucked shirts because it lies pretty flat (and most of my pants need belts so they don't inch down a bit.

Hmm, I didn't count but prob around 20. I probably only wear about half of them regularly though.

I have belts in 2 sizes -those that fit my waist and those that fit my hips. The difference in size is dramatic so I can't interchange them. I hardly ever wear the waist belts these days because I'm over that look, and all of my pants are lower rise so need the hip-size belts.

BUT I hardly ever purge belts unless they break. I probably should start doing so.

ETA: Echoing Mo and Rabbit about the canvas belts. I love them for the pants that actually need a belt to stay up, but I don't want a belt that will show under my top. I have 2: one with a loop through buckle and a classic webbing belt I stole from my husband with the flat locking buckle.

ETA again: if forced to, I could probably pare the collection down to 4 belts. My big black tooled leather one with silver buckle, cogna belt with gold studs, canvas webbing belt, and gold skinny belt. if I get a fifth, I'd add my reversible burgundy snake/plain black leather with pewter buckle.

Pff, not a lot but I should! I usually don't wear them but I need to improve my wardrobe, as I had to borrow one las time that I wore skirt+belt look.

Rachylou, I think you said something similar on a thread about high-waisted pants, that they dig into your rib cage when you sit? Being short waisted is so much fun, isn’t it?

Lyn D., I think that I should get myself a pewter belt. It seems like it would be pretty neutral but not an in-your-face bright metallic.

E, I looked high and low for a good cream belt too! I finally found one at AT a few months ago. I’ve worn it quite a few times. Your navy velvet belt sounds beautiful. I think I've seen it in some of your WIWs?

Tanya, ooh, a rose gold belt! That sounds divine. Good luck in your search! I love the Fossil one you posted. I ordered it from Nordie’s some months back, but it made my hips look really big. But now that I am a little more experienced with belts, I realize that that might have been the particular pair of pants I had on the day when I tried on the belt. I think that the rise of the pants can make a difference with how the belt makes your hips look.

Isabel, I have a hard time with belts too. I think it is because I am short waisted but also have wide hips.

texstyle, I had never thought of getting a belt to match my hair color. That is a great idea! Thanks.

Rambling Ann, I often don’t like my belts to be high contrast with my jeans, so I agree that a dark navy belt would be great for wearing with denim! Today I'm wearing very dark navy jeans with a black belt, and the belt is not very visible.

Diane G, I hear you on wanting more options.

Suz, thanks for posting your pic of the pewter Fossil belt. I hope you can get the cobbler to cut the belt down to is so annoying to have all that extra belt hanging off the side! And I see that you agree with texstyle on the usefulness of a belt that matches the hair. I want to try that!

Janet, I’m happy you were able to purge a few belts thanks to the thread. Thanks for posting your belt collection! You have some really neat pieces. I like how your belts have a lot of ornamentation and detail yet don’t look fussy.

Mo, I hadn’t thought of wearing a fabric belt for extra comfort. That’s a good tip. I don’t care how they look generally, but I could wear them underneath an untucked top. I sure know what you mean about a belt resting right on top of the hip bones...ouch.

Angie, thanks for chiming in!

Aubergine, I love your obi belts! I remember the D-ring belts....definitely a blast from the past.

MsMary, I can imagine that you would have a pretty decent-sized collection of belts because you have such a colorful wardrobe and would need just the right color to match. That belt that you posted is beyond fab! I love the colors and texture. I see that a lot of people have "favorited" it.

Laura, yeah, I think a decent belt costs in the neighborhood of at least $30. That’s another reason why I don’t have more than I do! But I have I think 15 pairs of shoes, so why do I balk at belt prices? Ha ha.

Sterling, you are very practical!

DEB, your belt collection sounds marvelous! It looks like you have everything: colors, textures, patterns. I hope I don’t get too carried away shopping for belts after this post!

Retailgirl, I don’t often fill the belt loops either. With my body shape, skinny belts look best, so that’s what I generally wear. But I do think that sometimes they look a little out of proportion if the belt loops are extra large. I’m trying to find more wider belts, but it is tough to find ones that are flattering.

Rabbit, I was wondering if a canvas belt would lie flat under an untucked top, so thank you for mentioning that. I will definitely have to try it. Maybe I can find a cheap one at the thrift store, since it won’t be seen.

Diana, I have to have two sizes of belts too. Thanks for your input about the canvas belts—I often have a problem with a belt buckle being too bulky for underneath an untucked shirt. It sounds like this is the solution.

Dixie, if you want to add more, just start with something simple. My first belt since joining YLF was a 3/4-inch black leather belt with a black enamel buckle. Since the buckle was black and not shiny metal, the belt went with just about everything without drawing attention to itself. I wore the
heck out of that belt for a long time. And it is still my default belt if I don't have anything more interesting to wear.

Gigi you have done a stellar job replying to everyone!!

It has been a fascinating thread to see how different we all are. I have had good success thrifting belts for very little, and I have a couple that I paid a lot for. They do last a long time, and will always be needed unless braces make a come back.

I have about 15 and wear 1 so frequently, the cpw is now in pennies. Another 2 are relative faves. The rest I find hard to wear (too thin, too short, too wide, too brown), probably acquired without definitely thinking about what my needs were.

Also I like low contrast dressing, and would prefer matching the belt to the pant or skirt. But I consider gold, pewter and some silvers as neutrals. So I may just get a basic metallic that fits the most belt loops widths without being too thin as a first step. I am (very belatedly) realizing that a belt can really finish an outfit (cue light bulb over head).