Aurore reminded me of a time when I stumbled in my quest to remain true to myself, and that was in a situation where I needed more formal wear.

Even thought my sons’ weddings (to two of the finest young women I could have I imagined!) were a couple years apart, both times I ended up wearing dresses that just didn’t look like me. Oh, they were pretty and they fit, but something was a bit “off.” I had a fabulous time at their receptions, but i know I could have looked much better. Fancy occasions just aren’t my thing, and it shows.

Over to you: what do you do for those occasional events that call for an elevated style? Do you have a dressy capsule? Is it cross seasonal? I don’t wear heels (I am a couple inches taller than Hubby,) which to my eye looks less formal tha even a small heel. I’m interested to hear what you have to say!