I'd like to develop better strategies for shopping ....better habits and strategies , if you will, so that I make better decisions and get the job done.

My "problems": impatience, lack of time, aversion to trying things on , small clothing budget (relative to what I used to spend) , commitment to not having a huge wardrobe .

* impatience/lack of time - I have a limit to how much time I want to spend shopping; I work full time and have other things to do . Drifting through a mall or doodling around on-line for hours is not my idea of a good time. When I have a chance to do some shopping, I have maybe an hour at most. I also want what I've decided I need to have , yesterday. When I worked in the business, I was in stores every day and had more at my fingertips .

* aversion to trying things on - back in the day when I could fit into anything without any issues, it was fun to try on gorgeous clothes . It is not that way now . Fit issues are SO complex now and it takes the fun of out of the process. I realize you have to try things on at some point but honestly, I have been known to remove tags and wear something before really assessing it only to find it really uncomfortable.

*budget - mine is small now, and I also can't slam 5 pair of $200 jeans onto a credit card and then sort through them at home . It also means that I have to decide what I "need " the most and focus on that .

*commitment to a smaller wardrobe - this is where it all comes to a head. Because I'm not a great shopper, I end up with a lot of second-best items, which then puts me on that treadmill of the never-ending search for the perfect black pant (or whatever it is) . Before you know it, I end up with 25 pair of black pants. Which is ridiculous and I'm not exaggerating.

So what I'm interested in are your strategies for shopping . From planning to the actual search and how much time you devote to it, to your try-on process. Do you shop once a season and be done with it? Do you order everything on line and deal with it at home? Are you an in-store shopper and like to try on there? How do you eliminate a closet full of not-quite rights?

Bring it on . Thanks