I love flannel shirts. I have only one in my regular wardrobe, a gift from my daughter that I enjoy wearing with jeans and a black puffy vest. But, I have several that I wear with my Athleta joggers for outdoor walks in winter and spring, our coldest months. My good flannel shirt is from BR and my walking/hiking flannel shirts are from Woolrich.

I am wearing my beloved LL Bean black watch flannel robe as I write. I also bought flannel sheets for the first time last year and absolutely love them. They are a treat when it gets really cold here in chicago. I love the idea of flannel button front shirts, but I haven't been able to make a button front shirt work on my figure. I think it is possible they might work under a very clean lined dark vest (which, ahem, i do not own). Otherwise, I currently have one in my closet that will probably hit the Goodwill bag this year.

I like flannel shirts! I live in Seattle

I have none at the moment. They all bit the dust....

I love new flannel! I’ve figured out that I only feel comfortable countering the masculine vibe of a plaid flannel shirt with a pencil skirt, and preferably not a jeans skirt. That rather limits wear, doesn’t it? I probably won’t replace my current one when it bites the dust.

I like flannel because it's warm and cosy for winter, although sometimes it can be too warm! I prefer cotton sheets. I was thinking about doing a plaid flannel lab for the forum, maybe I will!

I love flannel shirts. I have a flannel plaid shirt and a flannel plaid shacket lined with sherpa. I realized I prefer the shirt worn open over a tee rather than tucked in. Not sure why.
I have my eye on a rusty red flannel shirt from POMP. It is pretty thick, and I could not tuck it in.

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I freaking love flannel! All my winter nightshirts are flannel and I have two flannel button downs, and would love to amass more. The reason I only have two is that sticky wicket that it's ubiquitous in plaid, and I don't do plaid.

I *do* do gingham, however. I have one shirt very much like the kkards sample (I consider Buffalo plaid oversized gingham! but can't do the classic red/black because then we're back to lumberjack territory!) and one sort of purplish gingham from Lands End. The thing that makes me sad is that these great companies for rugged clothing, like Lands End and LL Bean, have not gotten the memo to introduce new colors every year! They've carried that same damn purplish gingham for years. Throw me a bone guys, I would buy 3 more colors if you would just introduce them.

And just an FYI for anyone considering it, though I love J Crew Factory for their summer weight gingham and chambray button downs, their flannel is crap. Way too thin and not warm at all.

I love my clear blue & white button front shirt in thin flannel and wear it year round. Wish I had more.

I'm a fan, but any that come into this house are quickly possessed by my daughters.

Monty !

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I feel very passionately about flannel :)! I love it. I have several flannel button downs, a pair of buffalo plaid flannel pants, and lots of flannel pajamas that I wear all winter for lounging in the evening.

I think of flannel as a very "practical" material - to be used for sheets and sleepwear in the depth of winter. I also think of it as a "masculine" material, probably because I have 3 sons and a husband who all wear flannel shirts and jackets as their preferred comfort garments. So while I appreciate the softness and warmth of the material, it's not something that I would wear in public!

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My fall wardrobe is heavy with plaid flannel shirts that wear often as jackets over graphic tees. I love the bit of cozy softness on a cool day. I want to find a Christmas plaid shirt but have not found the right one yet. Most are bluish reds.

Really love my one plaid flannel shirt from Patagonia. So soft yet thick and durable. I wear it open over a tee. Hubby has some too and claims they are the best he's ever worn. I am also a fan of flannel sheets, pajamas and just about anything else flannel because it embodies cosiness.

I love flannel! But I don't currently have any. I'm thinking I need to go back for that plaid flannel shirt I saw at the hardware store the other day.

Never say never! I have always avoided the plaid flannel button ups, as I feel like a Lumberjack in them, not my thing.. BUT, I just bought this dress below, which is so soft and easy to wear, and the bonus is that the pattern reminds me of a dress I adored in second grade (though that one had puffy sleeves). As I live in Florida, not too many days to wear, but I am visiting my kids often in San Diego and Portland, OR, where it has just become a favorite!

When I get back to Florida, I may just look for my second grade school photo-I think I was wearing that dress in it!

I like it but don't have it and find it hard to style. I like how style fan has styled it with the jeans and I have seen young girls wear it with jeans or track pants and a crop top with flannel shirt open. I wont be doing that. I guess over a singlet unbuttoned but even with jeans or skirt, I'm likely to look like I came off the farm or prairie. I think I will just admire it on others. I find flannel pyjamas too hot to wear.

I have never owned anything flannel except for the PJ's my mom made me. I just cannot. And sheets? No way! lol. I don't know what it is, but I don't think I ever will own a flannel piece of clothing.

Funny update: I stopped by a nearby consignment shop to pick up my earnings ($150+!) and ended up spending $12 of it on a Madewell flannel shirt — it’s black with small grey stars all over it. Cheap cozy casual without feeling like I’m a ranch hand!

No flannel here; not even in the linen closet. Prefer knitwear to flannel shirts and like crisp sheets year round. I see how flannel works for others and enjoy it.