Consulting your collective wisdom, dear fabbers:

I am on my feet a good bit at work. By Wednesday or Thursday, I can start to fatigue, which means that when I look in my closet to get dressed, my guiding principle is: What will allow me to feel comfortable today?

Defining “comfort” in a work outfit has been more challenging for me than one might immediately think. On the one hand, I can define it in the negative: no shapewear, no heels—which also means no dresses or skirts (for me, anyway). That leaves me with pants, that wardrobe item that is the hardest for me to style and of which I have fewest in my closet.

Luckily, my workplace dress code is pretty flexible. While sweats and loungewear are out, people do wear jeans—although then, too, I have often hemmed for heels for a longer leg line.

Any suggestions? How do you achieve comfort at work? I am ready to learn!