I’m hoping the early bird catches the worm.

Finding tops that hold up to our hot humid summer continues to be a challenge. I’ve tried a few strategies - slub cotton tees (develop pin holes), more expensive tees (too heavy sometimes), tank tops (shrink in length - not loving for flattery reasons), sleeveless blouses (same as tank tops).

I bought the first find a couple of summers ago and find it to be a real workhorse - easy breezy, not see-through, easy to launder, survived the summer. I have found it nearly impossible to duplicate.

In the interest of trying to solve my high summer top problem, I’m trying to get a jump start. I’ve promised myself not to buy any tees until I’ve exhausted the search for more interesting tops, shirts and blouses that fit the bill.

Here’s my dilemma ... should I spend on this category to get items that go the distance or is that asking too much of any summer top in which case I should spend more wisely?

What’s your strategy?

Find 1 - top I own and like
Find 2, 3, 4, 6 - spendy tops under consideration (sorry about the weird order)
Finds 5, 7, 8 - cheapy tops under consideration