I've been looking at my handbag collection and wanting something new, but I'm having trouble figuring out what . My collection includes leather totes in simple classic styles in black cognac, and dark red, a similar set of cross bodies, plus a couple of other casual bags in red or black nylon, plus my new light blue tote and a white clutch. The totes seem too big for everyday, and the cross-bodies are little too small. Overall the collection seems to casual except for the larger tote bags. I've added finds for some of them

I'd like something mid-sized and a bit more polished or interesting. I prefer to focus on good leather and perhaps texture rather than too many metal or other details. I'm thinking that what I'm missing is something like a satchel, but I prefer to carry bags on my shoulder (not my hand or arm) so I'd have o look for a longer handle. Not sure where to go with color but i tend to wear black, grey, white, blue. I do in general LOVE what I call Armani color combinations - grey and tan/beige. I do have a couple of backpacks (including one in a child's size which is great as a day pack for a small person like me) and luggage so no needs there.

I was browsing the YLF archives and found a blog article from last Feb about Furla bags on sale at Neiman Marcus Last Call..I looked there are there seem to be a bunch on sale now...here is the blog article

Would love to hear how you approach your handbag collection.

How do you decide style, color, material, price range, how long to keep, where and when to buy (always wait for sales?) and how many is the right number to have?