This weekend I purchased the striped Ann Taylor sweater that Angie recently featured. (I think Tanya has it, too.) I really love it and wore it yesterday to the theater. It fits beautifully and it does, indeed, have beautiful drape as Angie said. But as I hung it in my closet I noticed that I suddenly have A LOT of blue and green. I don't think it's really sudden; it's happened over the last year or so, with culling things I am not wearing and picking up a new top here and there.

When I step back and look at my closet, here is what I see:
dominant: black and gray
strong: blue and green
accents: orange/red and citron (mostly just that dress!)

There doesn't really seem to be a color story here except that there IS COLOR.

I know some of you are very conscious about having a narrow palette. I feel like I am more organic or impulsive about color. Is my emotional buying across the spectrum a problem?