Unless they are extremely high-waisted, I need a belt to hold my pants/jeans up. I am long waisted so I generally wear belts that match or are low contrast with my pants. I still have obi and the like from the ‘80s but don’t really have a dress to wear under them. I rarely wear out clothing, but I tend to trash belts.

Just utilitarian. On the plus side, I so love belts and so wearied of shopping for them that I put a lot of money into lessons and equipment to make my own. It's not cheaper, but it brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction.

I'm skipping a belt most of the time, since I'm usually aiming for a casual look. When I do wear one, I like one that is of medium or large width. Not a skinny belt fan, since they look too preppy on me.

I've tried belting over sweaters, but it looks horrid. The fabric gets all bunched up, and the belt moves all over the place. So I gave up on that a long time ago.

Minimalist -- so intrigued by your belt-making pursuit!