Well, of course I work with food, so no makeup... and my hair is on the quarter plan... but the thing is, the quarter is almost up and I’m seriously eyeing the scissors...

I'm still doing my usual routine, which means hair is done (well, as done as I can make it...I was never good at that sort of thing!) and wearing dressy casual outfits.

I don't ordinarily wear makeup unless I'm going out to work or to some kind of gathering, so I haven't worn any makeup in a while. I mostly work from home (and have for a long time), so makeup is not an everyday thing for me.

My hair seems to have gotten exceptionally long overnight. I am wearing it up to keep it out of my face and off my neck. Showering every day. Wearing comfortable, appropriate clothing. No make up.

I have essentially fallen into what I think of as camping mode. Gear for much of the time, clean hair and everything, but when it comes to hair: almost no product or styling. A brief shot with the blow dryer to tame the bangs and get the drying started, and then air drying loose or more likely pulled back in a ponytail to keep it out of my face. That’s it. For the face: tinted moisturizer with sunscreen since I am outside a lot, and maybe, maybe a bit of waterproof mascara and some tinted lip balm for venturing to the store.

I apologized for my, um, minimized beauty routine to my husband the other day, and he insists that me with no makeup and ponytail hair is “cute.” I don’t know whether he is just humoring me or not, and one day I’ll need to step it up and wear something a little more up to my usual standard, but for now it’s like I’m on one of my extended camping trips.

Well I am wearing a BB tinted moisturiser rather than a foundation, but other than that, the routine is 100% the same. I like to wear full hair and make-up because it gives me a sense of control. Today only DH and DS saw me, but I was really dressed up. I usually end up not using all my hair and make up products, so why not wear them. I unfortunately was sick for my last hairdresser appointment. My stylist was able to fit in a touch up of my colour, but it has been 15 weeks since my last haircut. If I have to go months more, if you see me wearing a black beret it is not a fashion statement.

Maybe I need to buy a wig.

Makeup is same as normal, except I'm not bothering with lipstick, and changed back to powder foundation instead of oil cause it's quicker.
I'm just air drying my hair instead of blow drying and flat ironing. Since I cut it last month, it's cooperating, and should be fine for another 2- 2.5 months. Longer hair is low maintenance
A few greys are showing up, but I still have some box color left, so will get them when they bug me.

Not sure if I consider myself a maximalist with makeup and hair, but prior to this I wouldn't leave the house without make up and hair styled. I keep my nails bare/clear coat and do pedi every month or so. but my daily make up is shadow, liner, mascara, brows, a self adjusting I guess cream foundation but dries matte and looks like my skin but better. love a lippie. On my hair I use a living proof styler, blow dry and then add a root lift powder, paste to kick up the shorter back of my asym bob, and a touch of spray. HMMM, maybe that is high maintenance. Since I stopped going into the office I have not worn make up once (well, I do put on my brows and a touch of blush for Zoom calls) Hair in a pony every day. Gotta say, even though I wear all that make up every day I am absolutely loving the freedom of not. Part of that is that only my husband and daughters see me, but I bet I never go back to the level of make up that I've been wearing for the last decade. though who knows, I may jump right back in when its back to the office in a few months. For now, I love it.

Regular 'every day' routine, so marcara, tightline, concealer, BB cream, powder, blush and lippie (really quick although it seems like a lot when I write it).

Blowdrying my hair BUT not using styling tools every day ... taking this as an opportunity to give it a break from the heat and use some moisturizing sprays and things to get it in to healthy shape for summer. And the box dye is at the ready for my pesky gray hairs!

I had a crisis yesterday - had to record video from home that would be sent out globally. Fortunately I’ve got 2 more weeks before I’m due for a hair appt. but it was my first time in full makeup in 3 weeks,

Right now my standard is to do my hair daily, and follow my skincare routine. But any additional makeup is purely on a time/interest schedule, not something planned.

@janet, I hear you on camping mode - I’m seeing that a lot in my neighborhood, where the number of daily walkers has increased substantially.

I touched up my hair color earlier this week, and put on makeup, to tape an audition.

Being home, I wash and style my hair a lot less, and I don't do hair and makeup unless I'm recording video, or on a conference.

Unchanged skincare routine - though I'm running low of my usual face cleanser. As I won't be able to get a refill from my beauty salon (closed, as all non-essential shops), I will have to experiment with something else.

Unchanged haircare routine - though I'm running low of my usual moisturiser, and will also have to experiment with something else. No color issue, and since I have long, layered hair, one more month without meeting my hairstylist should not be much of a disaster.

But no more makeup (I've always been rather minimalist anyway), and minimal hairstyling (many ponytails lately…).

I am still doing makeup every day! I find that it just makes me feel better. Makes me feel like life is carrying on like normal, and if I see someone unexpectedly on a dog walk or jump on a zoom call I don't feel bedraggled.

Hair is another question. I switched to air-drying, which I rarely do in the winter, but since I am not rushing out of the house every morning, there's no rush to have a dry head. I was due for a haircut when this all started, so I guess I'm growing it now? I may have to resort to neat ponytails if it gets to be too much. My hair is poufy and gets out of hand pretty easily.

I had been thinking I was drifting into higher and higher maintenance mode, so this whole situation has provided a bit of a welcome reset!
In the before times: hair product, blow dry, sometimes a bit of hairspray; BB cream, brow gel, mascara, lippie. Now: air dry hair, lippie if I’m feeling sassy. My eyes are NOT missing mascara, I may never go back!

Lest I sound like some sort of goblin, I note that I *am* showering on the regular and still keeping up with sunscreen and skin care. I have even stepped up the latter (trying new products with DD home from university — yesterday we mixed up an Aztec clay mask, then she introduced me to hyaluronic acid — my skin feels AMAZING!) Now have a bunch of products from The Ordinary on their way. And I got lucky, I got my brows threaded and tinted juuuuust before the salon shut down (as in, they were closing down while I was still at the register!) I may be less sanguine a few weeks from now when brows are no longer on fleek!

It's been interesting to hear how you are all handling this. I really think it's just one of many small facets of this strange scary, experience.