The Maggy London is so pretty! I like Maggy London.

Lol re brothers: ya have to love ‘em

Very good choice. I am personally pleased because I always lean towards more dressy! Not that that matters to you!!
You should look great in this dress with your gorgeous hair. And what your brother said was so funny, glad you got in touch with her.

The Maggy London dress is really pretty.

I have two brothers. They are very smart in some ways, but not about fashiony things at all.

Too funny, and so typical! Sounds like you’re not letting it stress you out. Good for you!

Ohh, I like the sheath! That’s different from how I usually think of Maggy London. Glad you aren’t starting off with new SiL by being unintentionally disrespectfully casual.

LOL -- at my hair salon there is a stylist from Venezuela who has promised to fill me in on everything I need to know that might be offend the new family members.

I wanted a cool outfit but it seems like "pretty and feminine" will be more the order of the day.

Another thought I had was to see if the skirt I wore to my own tiny wedding still fits, and buy a new top to go with it.

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Can’t you be cool and appropriate?
Maybe some architectural drape? And less pattern? Or a basic dressy sheath?

I mean, it’s good you want to accommodate the bride, but you need to be comfortable too.

Pretty dress but, as a slight aside, will wearing white/ a light colour be seen as upstaging the bride? I don't know much about the cultural etiquette surrounding that.

April, very pretty! Added the Find. But soooo unexpected in the floral and colours. You wear Greg's colour palette

Dressy is good, but won't you be a bit hot?

If you are dressing up a bit more, how about a silk floral? It would be lighter in the heat. I would stay away from white, red or black if the bride is traditional.

All very helpful questions.

The bride is not considering any prints, so I thought the white covered by flowers might look different enough that it wouldn't break the "don't compete with the bride" rule about not wearing white.

Angie, the barn is air-conditioned so the long sleeves might be welcome. In my experience, the desert dwellers (my family) find our East Coast humidity so oppressive that they want the AC cranked ridiculously high.

Got it!

April, let us know how the frock you ordered works out. If not, onto Plan B.

LOL at your brother's input :). I'm glad you were able to talk to the bride-to-be directly to get the scoop! Your skirt is lovely--I could see it with a new top, for the wedding. I love the Rag and Bone dress, but understand it might be perceived as too casual for the event. The white flowered dress looks very nice and suitable, and might be the ticket to stay warm in the ice cold A/C. Weddings can be fraught and complex occasions!

I had to laugh at how little information your brother gave you. My brother would be exactly the same!

I really like the Rag and Bone dress and see that as a gorgeous wear to almost any occasion dress for summer. Hoping the ML dress is perfect.
At least you can crank up the aircon in the barn if you are feeling a bit warm, it is at your house after all!