Stunningly fab! Love this!

Gorgeous as always!

Wow! I love everything about this outfit. You must light up the streets of Seattle at this time of year.

Even though I have short legs, I feel like I should try these flared crops anyway.

Your expression says it all!

What a fun, happy outfit! I love everything about it.

You're a sunny happy beacon! I love this look on you Angie!

Love the brights AND the fact that I can wear all of my 'tops in good company now

Oh, so cheerful on this cold, late winter day! And I am loving those shoes!

You look like spring! I bet you looked like a breath of fresh air in wintry Seattle.

I love all the cheerful colors in your outfit. After a long, dreary winter (which isn't ending anytime soon around here) some nice pops of spring color are very much needed.

You make me want to wear color!

Gorgeous and so Mod. This outfit must take everyone who sees it to a happy place.

I am pleased you are having fun with your friend when life is stressful Angie. I love your bright colours here and agree that wearing things you love is solace in tougher times:)

Beyond gorgeous! This is how we do it, a masterclass in wearing hi-tops and spring colour. Can I have your wardrobe Angie?

Angie, you look so spring-y and cheerful! This matchy-matchy scarf and coat combination are gorgeous.
I am sad to hear that 2017 continues to be stressful for you - hugs!
Yes, colorful clothes, which make you happy is a very good stress remedy.

Just so happy- looking!
I love how all the items from different sources mix together so well, including pattern- mixing. You have such a good eye for that ( of course!).

Fun, fashionable, colorful and pretty! You are Fab!

I love this! Yellow is such a happy color

You are like sunshine on a rainy day Angie!

So good to see you in the non-staged outfit. I so often want to ask you if you would wear it? The sneakers are a great example. Fab outfit and outfit shot.

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. I appreciate your happy comments enormously.

Sveta and Sally, I'm touched by your empathetic messages. Many thanks.

Hah, Bijou. You crack me up.

Archer, I'm puzzled. You often want to ask me if I would wear what? My outfits that I show on YLF?

Like would you wear bare shouldered dress with tattoos? If Greg's going to sneak up on you for shots we might be in for a surprise or too:)

Plastic earrings? Faux leather bags or shoes? No make up out in public? LV logo on anything? Dark green nail polish? Shaved back of neck hair cuts? Anything that shows signs of wear/patina? Anything that is no longer available in department stores - in any kind of re-creation, e.g. proper vintage. Tracky docs around home, Do I need to go on? I am looking forward to him snapping you alla April Fools Day. Great idea and a creative segue to consider - now that you have such acolytes. Why not go the nag in the reel (sic) more often. Big cred.

A tilt at your followers who think.

Cover photo, not else, wow-so fresh and bright and....lively!