Hi Ladies,

Over the past few months I have secured three Highly Elusive Wardrobe Items.

#1 A white shirt that fits and flatters me and works with my overall look. The shirt was from COS.

#2 Skirted Leggings. Found thanks to Australian label Motto.

#3 Blue tall boots. Discovered 'by chance' yesterday?

I am thrilled with the shirt and have found it can be worn with quite a few different combos and I use it to layer under less structured items. I have worn it a lot. It has lived up to my expectations.

I received my skirted leggings today and have had a play in my wardrobe and they work with so much. I expect that these will become a workhorse but only time will tell.

The boots wont get a lot of wear, if any, until next Autumn so I really won't know until then.

This got me thinking about how sometimes an item which proves to be 'elusive' can become almost an obsession Skirted leggings were like that for me. I HAD to have them. But the truth is I really didn't know if they would work for me. The EF ones would have been too short for example, but you know if they had been more readily available to me I am not sure I would have had the self control and am 99% sure there would be a pair hanging in my wardrobe now lol.

My question to you is have your HEWI's turned out to be all that you expected and hoped for. Were they items that were tried and proven in the past and you knew were perfect for you? Or were they items that you took a risk on... in your mind you 'knew' they were perfect but in reality you wouldn't know until you tried them. Has anyone found and purchased a HEWI, only to return it?


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