Hi friends!

Seems that over the course of my F/W edit, I removed all of my long-sleeve layering tees due to wear, tear, or fit issues. I cannot find replacements anywhere! Have you seen any that fit my needs (pun intended)?

I am looking for:

  • 100% cotton;
  • long sleeve (not 3/4);
  • hip length (not tunic; not cropped);
  • V-neck preferred, but am desperate enough that I would settle for a crew neck or two;
  • Men's or women's. I prefer the broad shoulder and modest V fit of men's, but I would settle for women's;
  • Neutral or earthtone in color;
  • Under $25 each.

I have looked at Target, Jcrew, Madewell, Uniqlo, Land's End, LLBean.

Does anyone know where I might find some that check all the boxes?