For the last 12 months I have admired jumpsuits and playsuits on others and tried on countless ones. My criteria was very specific, so much so, I honestly thought that I would not be able to find what I was looking for. My requirements:
- cool to wear
- washable fabric (so many jumpsuits are made from dry clean only viscose)
- not black in colour
- if a play suit, not too short
- it had to fit me.
The fit part was probably the most challenging aspect, because so many jumpsuits and playsuits were too long in the body on me or gaped at the back.

Yesterday, I tried on this one, and it fits and meets all of the above criteria! It is orange - and I just said that I did not like orange on me.... However, the colour looks good and particularly so with my white booties or gold sandals. It is super light weight, a washable georgette. As I am shorter than the model, it is mid thigh on me. I plan to wear it with my red bag or my white bag (in finds).

I would be interested to here what is the top of your HEWI list and why it is proving to be hard to find.