For working around home I like those similar to Inge’s finds...a light denim or twill that is not see though even in bright sunshine in a shift shape that fits at the shoulder then is loose. I also like my denim skirts. Anything needs to be machine washable, knee length and not bare on top. That is the hardest thing, to find sun dresses that are not low cut or too much bare shoulder. A friend who meets up with her 4 sisters every summer at a beach house likes JJill and even Lands End. Both brands are too big for me but I did notice that Lands End has some cute dresses in their swim section, I think meant to be worn over swim suits. Good luck. I am sure that you will find some summer dresses that you like. Below are some of my favorites. Most are thrifted or consignment. The second is an EF tee shirt dress (Rack sale) that I wore lots last summer. The third is chambray and thrifted but Inge’s finds reminded me of it. The last two are the same dress. It is reversible so needs no slip that dress and the first are consignment and unknown brands I also had a black cotton thrifted dress but it is tighter than i’d like.

Part 2:-)

P.S. Don't let the above-the-knee-length styles put you off, the Anthro models are often 5'10", so the dresses will probably be longer on you.

(How do you feel about an empire waist? I had a simple Boden dress in jersey years ago, and really loved how it looked on me, even though I have a larger bust - and they are so breezy:-)

Did you see jessekam’s post “black for summer”? She is wearing an amazing dress: long, loose, modern.

Inge got to Anthropologie before I did. I was just in the store last week and loved the variety of dress options - many different shapes,weights and sizes!

I do like dresses for summer, but I need something very casual, non-structured and cool. Uniqlo has become my favorite source for those. I have an adorable navy tee shirt dress, midi length, from last season, and a full-length but soon to be midi length sleeveless red dress from the current season. Both are 100% cotton. Total expenditure, $50 bucks. Uniqlo adds new stuff to their mix constantly, so I hope to pick up one or two more. Those, combined with my 10-year-old never worn long wrap skirt that my seamstress is currently transforming into a simple summer dress, should do me well for this summer.

Gretchen - Oh good to hear you loved the selection in store.
Kate - What a clever transition for your wrap skirt!

OK, now I can't stop:-) Shopbop:

Oh, I almost forgot. I recently discovered ME+EM, and immediately thought of you, Lisa. They're not the cheapest, but I have a feeling a lot of their stuff might appeal to you (I kind of want 75% of what's on their website for myself too:-) Love their loungewear options for very casual work-from-home days for myself:-)

Just had a look at their dresses too:

P.S. Viv, I think you might like their stuff too.

Inge - you've got MY number, with all those blue and white striped choices!

My gosh ! You all are the best!! I’m at work right now so can’t reply I’m detail . I’ll be checking out every one of these links tonight when I get home . This is tremendous help - thank you all again !

Oh, wow, Inge: Me & Em!!! What a find. I might have to try something from them. Thank you! I think Lisa will love them too.

Have you looked at Simons? Love their clothes, they are a Canadian company so free shipping. - 24 pages of dresses...

I'd avoid the Twik line as that is more junior sizing (my 16 yr old daughter wears that line) but the Icone line is a bit more fashion forward and the Contemporaine line is a bit more classic/business wear. Good luck!

I wear dresses and skirts a lot in the summer. Key for me is to find pieces without super fitted waists, but that also have some shape. I have my best luck at Madewell and Need Supply.

So many gorgeous dresses. I have a dress from Black Crane that I think you would like. Will maybe take a picture later but meanwhile check them out. (Bought mine second hand, of course.)

There are so many really good resources here for dresses!

I wear them pretty much daily in the summer, mostly from Old Navy and Joe Fresh. My job is a challenge because it's quite physical, but I'm in management and have to look a bit sharpish... Shirt dresses work for me, but I can't bear to spend much on them, due to the beating my clothes take, so this is the perfect price point.

Lisa, I think you may enjoy T-shirt dresses made with nice fabrics. They are easy to maintain, not hot and not precious. Your grooming is very refined and your accessories are great, so they'll go a long way in making you look polished. For evenings and more dressier occasions, look into silk shifts.

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I love this one from Universal Standard:

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The good news is, there are tons of good dresses available these days— ones with plenty of bra strap coverage, long enough skirts etc. Uniqlo even has dresses with built-in bra. The main question is, how messy is your home life? Because I have cats at home, I have “home casual clothes” and “out casual clothes.” It’s been a game-changer to start that system— before I just felt all my casual clothes were covered in cat hair and it was not a good look.

Carla - *smile*, at least I'm not just tempting myself with looking at all these fab striped dresses;-)
Viv - I had a feeling you would like them.

LP -- our YLF sleuths have given you a ton of great options.

I would just add one thought: if you find a dress that's otherwise everything you want but is a ridiculous length (like a real floor-length maxi - NOT good for "working around the house"), as long as the hem is not the whole design statement, just have it hemmed a foot or more shorter. I got my best summer dress that way.

Inge is the master of the hunt
Do any of the brands you like at the boutiques have dresses? I've had luck with getting little shops to order things that they don't usually carry.

Good morning ! This is going to be a great morning , taking a bit of time to search through all of these suggestions . I can't believe you all dress so well for around the house in the summer - I clearly have not been holding up my end of the bargain

Inge - you are wealth of wonderful solutions , and I look forward to diving into them in detail. Many of the companies aren't great to order to Canada ( Me & Em - whose aesthetic I love, but doesn't have a Canadian retail presence and shipping is $$) but I might bite the bullet and try some new lines you have suggested. Thank you SO much for taking the time to help me!

Jessikams - critical question indeed. It's not that my home life is messy, per se, but I'm looking for a very casual and comfortable look, not anything fitted or short or too fussy (wraps, ties etc). I'm looking for around-the-house casual, not wear-to-work casual.

For work-casual dresses in the past, I've defaulted to denim and linen shirt-type dresses...which again are fine, but not new or particularly interesting. I'm determined to find a dupe for the look in the blog I mentioned earlier, along with a pair of cognac slides to wear with said dress ')

Lisa, are you prepared to order online? I think that's key.

Try the artful home too:

For this kind of thing, I like a brand called BeachLunchLounge, which is well-priced and I get it from the Rack.I have the one in the Find, but there is a selection here:

I am 5'4 and that dress hit about at my knees, FYI, so I think the dresses look shorter on these models than they would on your or me

Hi Angie - of course I'll order online ! Artful home is a great idea - I do like a more boho look in summer. Reads easier and more figure forgiving too t0 me .

Inge - coming back to say that I love the options from Universal Standard and All Saints. Both are more "me". Thank you for finding these!

I'm really late to the thread and I see that Inge and others have already found about a billion possibilities that I can't wait to explore for my own selfish reasons. I will only say that dresses in summer are my salvation -- I far prefer them to shorts for keeping cool and looking pulled together. I can't or don't wear ditsy patterns or strapless or spaghetti strapped or low necked versions, and I don't look good or feel comfortable in minis -- so for years dresses were hard to find and I reverted to shorts during that period. Am glad to have found so many dresses at retail in the past few years.

I really relied on my Bodens last year. The styles are a bit "ladylike" at times, and the prints can tend to be a bit whimsical for my taste, but the quality is superb, which makes up for a lot to me. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing those I bought last year. I'm already wearing them again. What I'd also say about Boden is that if you like the style but not the print, many of their dresses do come in a plain black or navy or sometimes olive. I was already well stocked with solids and wanted to venture out a bit when I ordered these, but it's something to keep in mind. Their service is terrific.

My current summer dresses are below. The first 3 are Boden. 2 are basically "dressier" t-shirts (so very very easy to wear and wash). The gingham is a loose and very comfy shirt dress.

Dress 4 is from Comrags. It can be worn casually and I do wear it as a day dress but it also works for going out. It's the closest thing I have to an actual "sundress" -- the cotton is extremely light and it's fantastic for a very hot day as it is loose and drop waisted. Pricey, but I'll have it a long time. (On its 3rd year now).

The Topshop dress is too warm for super hot weather but great for transitional warm weather, like in May and June and September. It's easy wash and wear and the cut makes it a bit special. I know you might not care for a fitted torso, but my point is more about looking for an interesting cut overall -- it can add to the pleasure you take in the dress.

Based on your example from keepitchic, you might like Xirena. The Find below is from last year's collection. Natural fibers, generous cuts, fit like a dream. This dress has pockets!

The other loose fitting yet solid color Finds are from this season. The Custom Find is a Raquel Allegra that I found at Bird Brooklyn but will be available other US boutiques.