Angie, I'm glad you chimed in about those pink plaid pants because I was seriously thinking about ordering them. No way now with itchy fabric, no lining and an inconsistent/weird fit.

Yay, Andrea. Happy to have been the guinea pig! They are NOT a top pick:

Anchie, do you have access to Anthropologie? I wonder if their essential trousers might work? I usually have to alter pants in the back - my seamstress just laughs when I come in as it’s always the same fit issue, but the Anthro’s worked out of the box.

Angie, my bi-weekly link about J Crew's ever changing CEOs may have something to do with their inconsistency.

You have a lovely shape but these pants are cut wrong for it. I think they are cut for a straight rectangle figure.

I can't offer suggestions as to brands sorry....always a bit out of the loop there.

Angie, I also liked the BR pants Roxana shared and did find them on the EU site but only when using the search function (searched 'elastic'). Very weird. I have them on order because half price right now! Also available in dark grey it seems.

How weird. I see them now too. Thanks for the tip.

Liesbeth, I hope they work out! Caution on the dark grey version of the BR pants - they don't have wool content like the beige ones do - they are mostly polyester. In case that matters to you (I am very picky about fabric content.) Anchie I hope you are able to find them too!

I'm late here, but just nodding along with your decisions and sympathizing -- also adding that Angie and Roxanna are dead right about fabrication -- sometimes the same pant style that is awful in one fabric will work well even in the same size in a different fabric!

So strange about different fabrics for different colors! Something I’ve encountered recently is the fabric content not being displayed until the size is selected. That makes no sense to me.