Hey everyone,

I'm attending my boyfriend's father wedding and it is supposedly smart casual but we have been given some rules:

Must be a pastel dress
Must not have patterns
Must be linen or lace
No white or cream

It supposedly a fairly casual wedding! The only thing is, I am very tall and not many dresses are flattering on my figure. They are either too short or way too wide! I was hoping I could post some links to dresses that I thought might work and I would love some feedback because I am very anxious about what to wear to this particular wedding!

I love this one but I am worried that the top part might be breaking the "no cream" rule and that the tule bottom might break the "linen or lace" rule!

I love this but worried that the sheer top is too revealing.

I think this is beautiful too but also the slight mid-drift might be a no-no

Also these:


ANY feedback would be appreciated!

Thank you!