My black strappy Dansko sandals have started to shred. I bought them used, and wore them nonstop last summer and on our vacation. I'm really not looking forward to living without them, and would like a replacement.

MaryK's thread made me realize that I've been "maximizing" over something that I should really "satisfice". I need to wear these sandals this summer, not wait years for the perfect pair for $3.

My requirements are:

- under $100 (I'd like under $50, but I'm trying to be realistic)
- comfortable enough to walk all day long in (a tall order, and the most important)
- a back heel strap. My toes complain if they have to work to keep a shoe on.
- able to dress up or down. They need to be okay with shorts or jeans and a dress or skirt. My 'dressed up' is about on the lines of smart casual, so they don't need to dress up to 'evening' status or anything. I'd like them to elevate a pair of boyfriend jeans, and not really dress down a summer dress significantly (if I ever wear one). I think I want something more refined than my Dansko's were.

I think I want black, but I'm open to looking at a metallic neutral or nude also, if the color will be versatile. I also think I want them to be slightly edgy without being overly casual.

I'm also not sure about a heel - I know I can't handle much of one (my big toe must have a touch of arthritis or something - it complains if my weight is up on my toes). But I do like the looks of a small heel.

I'm attaching my obsessive finds from the past few days. All of these have a chance to be passable, I think - depending on how they fit and feel.

What do you suggest? Should I just close my eyes and pick one? Have you tried any of these and found them supremely comfortable? Currently my only pair of all-day-walking shoes are Danskos - I know my foot likes that shape.

And thoughts on whether a metallic or nude would be as versatile as black? I'm kind of looking for the one summer shoe to rule them all, I guess.

What are your suggestions for stopping the obsessing and getting to actually finding a wearable shoe?