I was wondering if I could get some advice from you wonderful ladies! This covers so many aspects of fashion that I couldn't include it all in the title. The short bullet points are this:
Hairstyle/going grey
Comfortable at home bras for large breast size
Over 60's style in general
Health challenges as it pertains to style

My sweet mom is going through a really challenging time right now with her health and it is taking a toll on how she feels about her appearance. Without going into great detail about the medical (she is still trying to figure out what is going on) it is likely that her immune system is struggling greatly, and she is reacting to foods and chemicals on every level. Because of this, she is trying to grow out her hair to its natural color - brown with grey. I don't know how much grey, but not all over. She has always looked young for her age, and doesn't really mind the grey making her look her age. She isn't hung up on that, which I think is wonderful! But she wants to look like a stylish and put together 64 year old woman. Her husband does prefer long hair, and she has kept it longer for him, but she really wants to cut it shorter and have more of a visible shape/style. Her hair is also starting to thin and is rather fine and very slightly wavy. I think that the trickiest struggle for her is going to be finding a style that works with her hair. She really does prefer a more "done" look, but understands that this can walk a fine like of being more aging (not in a good way) and less stylish. She has always struggled with her shorter hair looking "overly done" and going long helped to get her out of that and give her more movement. But now the longer hair tends to make her feel dragged down. She feels like her face will be a bit more uplifted in a shorter style.

Mom also spends the bulk of her time at home, so she wants to feel attractive but also comfortable in at home/loungewear. She is not likely to do what many of you do at home, which is fully dress for the day as if she were going out. She does have a very real need for comfort - soft, stretchier fabrics, etc. She is quite short and hour glass shaped (although her chest is full enough that things tend to make her look boxy and not as hour-glassy. She definitely prefers pants to dresses. Her preference and shape are completely different from mine, so I'm at a loss on what to recommend... She is also convinced that black is her only option to look slimmer. I am trying to combat this mindset, but she is dubious.

Unfortunately, at this point in her life and how she is feeling, bras are particularly uncomfortable. (Of course she wears fully supportive bras outside of the house, but this issue is more for at home.) She is quite full busted, so this is leads to some very real support and flattery issues. I know that there was a bra thread going on a while back about this but I think she has the regular bra situation sorted out. Does anyone know of some good comfortable non-bra like bras for full busts? I did not inherit this trait from my mom, so I have absolutely no frame of reference for this issue!

Beyond all of the specifics that I listed above, I would also really appreciate any wisdom and advice for her regarding how to continue to feel stylish and beautiful as a fabulous 64 year old woman, particularly with the health challenges she is having. She truly does want to embrace her age and stage in life, and not fight against it, but she also wants to look current and be comfortable when she isn't feeling well. Everyone I have seen in that age bracket on this forum, as well as those of you who have shared your own health challenges, have definitely succeeded in that area, so I would love to know how you do it, for her sake... and for mine!

Thank you so much for reading this and for any help you may have to cheer my mom up. She asked me today if I would give her a make over, so you can see that she is ready for anything!

I have attached a couple of side photos of her hair before she recently had it cut and after. While the after is pretty, it is hard for her to style it like that every day, and it wasn't as short as she was ready to go. She ends up just putting it up every day. You can also see that it is going to take a long time for her hair color to grow out!

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