For the last several years I have been on a quest for cold-season house shoes/slippers for my work-from-home wardrobe.

I have a couple pairs of flat mules (one pair embroidered velvet, one metallic) that I wore for a while but I started to want something with a little more heft. The existing shoes are so low-profile that if I am wearing them with skinnies or especially leggings I start to feel like I ought to be strolling around with a lute or something iykwim.

But, I have had a terrible time finding a style I want that will work for my feet! The problem seems to be two-fold:

  • I am between sizes in footwear that is marketed as a slipper. Size 6 is just a hair short (I'll be wearing this footwear with socks, not bare feet), and size 7 is super wide and floppy. (I have narrow, low-volume feet).
  • A lot of the more substantial, less-bedroomy slipper styles on the market have a lot of arch support/"anatomical footbed." Not good for my low-arch feet. Like walking on rocks!
Here is what I am looking for:
  • Flat/low heel
  • Mule/backless slip-on style
  • Hard sole
  • Looks more like it belongs with clothes than pajamas if you get my drift...these are shoes I am going to be wearing for my workday
  • Gray, cognac, or tan
  • Minimal arch support
  • Bonus points if it comes in half sizes
  • Not too clompy/loud (my husband's work space is directly below mine, I have a pair of Swedish slip-on clogs that I used as house shoes for a long time but they drive him nuts)
I am open to either something marketed as a shoe or something marketed as a slipper. I will pay up to $150US without qualms. For the exact right thing that will last for-freaking-ever I would go up to $200 but I might roll my eyes.

Here's what I have already tried:

Sorel Nakiska II slide
Koolaburra by Ugg Milo
Sanita Lodge Slide
Kitzbuehler Living Kitzbuhl
Born Zoe
Strive Lille
Taos Wooled Class
Revitalign Oceanside II

Hive mind, please work your magic! Save me from my annual October ritual of ordering a bunch of slippers from Zappos, returning them when they don't fit, and doing without for another year! Thank you thank you in advance for any help.