Sterling's post from the other day ( got me evaluating my handbag collection. I decided to pull them all out, photograph them, and take a good look at what is working for me and what I'm not reaching for.

Caution: This is going to be long. I want to thin this collection and add new bags in a thoughtful manner, so if you actually make it through all of this and have any ideas, you are a true friend!

Here's the deal. I'm feeling a shift in my bag style. Lately I'm drawn to simpler shapes, less hardware, and more structure in bags. I like bags that stay standing when you sit them on a table or counter. The only slouchy bag I currently love anymore is the silver tote in #1. I *do* like something distinctive in a bag -- shape, texture, a *small* bit of hardware, or a color or print. I don't want so simple as to be boring. I don't want anything heavy or awkward to use. No buckles, etc.

  1. Totes: I never use the straw one but I keep it "just in case" for the beach. Honestly though, the next time we plan a beach vacation I'll probably shop for a new one. I think I'm ready to pass along the light grey one with the studs -- the hobo style is too slouchy for me these days. So those two are on the chopping block.
  2. Satchels and the like: Currently in use: the cobalt, black, black-and-white, mint green and stingray pattern purse. The red I still like, but it's a little slouchy. Same for the turquoise one. I'm kind of over that one. The white snake print Coach bag is possibly going to be sold -- it's one of those thin bags that does not sit nicely on a base. If it worked better as a clutch, I would keep it. I'm also on the fence about the apple green Coach. I like the shape, but I don't reach for the color much, and it has gold hardware, which is not my favorite.
  3. Wintry colors: These are bags that aren't getting used because they feel too dark/heavy for the season. The dark green Coach bag is another that has fallen out of use. Again, gold hardware. I like the animal print and don't use it a ton, but I enjoy it when I do. I still like that navy and brown Cynthia Rowley and plan to keep it. The navy lace-up bag is slouchy, heavy, and a little boho for me now, but it was a gift from my husband so I'm going to keep it for now. The gray one has been in a holding zone for ages. It was cheap, but I like the color and the shape and I think that shape might be coming back. But again, it was very inexpensive, and maybe I should let it go and wait for a fabber one.
  4. Clutches: I have been using the heck out of my clutches. All of these can stay. (One nice thing -- clutches barely take up any room to store!)
  5. More clutches: Again, I get use out of all of these except that vintage one with the handles -- I've never used it (it was a bargain vintage thing). I might pass that along to my niece. Oh, and the metallic one in the top left corner has been used so much it's starting to look a bit worse for the wear. I might keep an eye out for a new metallic clutch.

It strikes me that all of my Coach bags are potentially on the chopping block. Are they too conservative for where I am now? They're all between 2-7 years old.

Ideas on what I might go for next:

  • I'd like to add another tote. I get a lot of use out of them. Maybe a more structured, subtle metallic than the bright silver one, so it will go with everything?
  • Another satchel type bag, perhaps in a print that will go with my predominant color palette (blues, greens, neutrals in cool tones). See the Kestenberg bag in my Finds. Or something in a fun color but in that sort of bowling bag shape, which appeals to me, like the shape of the Zara bag below.

So what is the shape of bags to come? Any ideas on what I've identified as potential tosses? I welcome your thoughts and ideas, and if you've stuck with me through all of this, I commend you and thank you!

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