Two! Mine is navy. I bought it mainly for travel. It doesn’t really rain here, it only snows, and it’s not warm enough for snowy weather, for me anyway, unless really layered up. But I’ve worn it a surprising number of times. It’s great for wind!

Yeah, waterproof + longer length are key for rainy weather around here. I bought the black one maybe 5-6 years ago. The zip-out liner makes it great for varying temps, but I would always hit a point in early March where I would go: I canNOT keep putting this coat on every day for the next two months! So last year I decided I wanted a navy coat for spring. Oh, I ordered and returned so many. So many! Finally I thought: hey why don't I just buy something that I know will fit?

SarahD8, that clears things up. It makes sense, for one, that the flats don't "sand up" to the coat to you, the coat is for cold weather, but the flats to you are warm or less cold weather. I don't feel that they mismatch, but if they are a mismatch to you, then they don't work.

I see what you mean, too, about tall boots being too everyday. Even though they can be very dressy if the rest of the outfit is the same, if you wear them every day I see how you are not able to feel dressy in them anymore. I get it, that dressy is as much a feeling as a look. That reply cleared things up a lot.

I'm liking a lot of the suggestions so far in this thread, you basically need different variations on the styles. I checked around, and found a few things for your consideration, all with a 2" or less heel.

I found this one in a variety of colors

I found the website for this company, though they seem to have moved on to the spring and summer line already

Here's another, though it's a hair over 2"

This one is quite a bit more casual, but it is a non-basic rain boot

I hope these ideas help

Thanks, Well Dressed Guy. Yes, it's fascinating how a lot of this is as much about how outfits feel as how they look. Lots of thought processes to unpack.
I like those glitter boots, fun!

I haven't read all comments yet or followed all links, but...

1. I agree with Jenni that there is no reason you have to wear cropped jeans with short booties -- full length jeans will work with booties or shooties if you prefer.

2. You can also wear skinnies with sock booties -- absolutely! I do it all the time. Most of my booties are higher shaft to wear with cropped jeans and many of my jeans are skinny or slim.

First two booties in Finds -- I would usually wear with a sliver of skin (or stocking/ sock) visible and rolled/ cropped trousers.

Other booties -- I would typically "close the gap" -- i.e. even cropped trousers would cover the top of the booties.

I also have higher shaft boots/ booties that I wear with skinnies outside or tucked.

Not great examples necessarily in the pics but the best I could come up with.

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It's winter. I guess a pair of stylish booties would do!

Suz, thanks! These are helpful visuals. Looking at your photos, I'm guessing that my skinnies will be too skinny to wear over booties, but I'll experiment a bit.

I'm homing in on the idea that a somewhat dressy, possibly metallic, higher-shaft bootie might be a good solution for this conundrum. I think such a thing could get wear outside of evening-out outfits as well.

I do like those Aquatalia sock booties, especially at that price! (They are sold out in my size though.) Sock booties have not been on my radar but now I am seeing how they could be helpful, and could fit with my style. This is all very interesting.

Yeah Sarah I'm thinking that your skinnies must be very skinny at the bottom, because Suz's pics show similar styles to my pics, what I have called skinny ( not actual jeans though).
Metallic sounds good! ( No surprise for me to say that, right, me of the new bronze booties)

These are lower shaft metallic booties, but I love them and would wear them for a date night.

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Ooh I love the formula of cami with fluffy cardi on top! Might have to steal that one :). I like the very first shoe suggestions, given by Molly Mac

Jenni NZ I am definitely inspired by your use of metallic footwear!

Christina those are really nice! I like the subtleness of the metallic. Too shiny/futuristic doesn’t seem quite right for me.

Jussie I think that formula would work really well with your style, please steal away!

Hey Sarah! I was poking through old threads about shoes and wondered if you ever bought new date night footwear?

Awww, thanks for checking in!
The answer is hahaha, noooooo. No new date night footwear as yet. We haven’t really been going out, which has reduced the urgency a bit (and is its own kind of issue, grumble grump). And I feel like there are so many “capsules” that need attention right now (she said, sitting on the couch with her elbow poking through the hole in her lounge sweater).
I did thrift a black/gold metallic tank and bought a pair of black/silver sparkly socks for my date night capsule but haven’t worn either yet.