Haha, I love that, UF: "The David Meister" capsule. Yup, that's where these belong.

To be honest, they don't exactly reproach me. I do have a low tolerance for little-used items in my closet, but for some reason, I don't feel too horrible about these boots (or that David Meister dress). I suppose I must -- in the past -- have had a couple of occasions when I needed precisely this kind of thing. And didn't have it. So perhaps I bought them as "insurance."

I just WISH I could wear them more. The heel is totally comfortable for me -- bizarrely so (I am not always that comfortable in a heel, and what is more amazing, it feels "grippy" in the snow!!).

How do I feel in them. Well, that's the rub. In themselves, I feel great in them. But in my outfits, I feel less than fab.

I do think you are onto something with the sheath dress/ long cardigan idea, UF. That could work. The cardigan would casualize the sheath. Of course my occasions for wearing such an outfit are few. And yet.

rachy, laughing myself silly at your comments....

SW Ann, you raise a very good point that I had not considered. Who is to say that my needs might not change in a year or two? I do have space to store these without any inconvenience....

Elizabeth, the height had not occurred to me as a problem. Hmm. Something more to ponder for my next purchase.

You've already paid the money so if they aren't making you feel guilty every time you look at them I'd say keep them I love Angie's idea of culottes. Would they get more wear by dressing them down with a knitted casual dress or tunic & leggings?

Ha, the difference between those of us who don't want "well, maybe if the right stars align" items reproaching us in our closets and those who advocate the "well, you might regret getting rid of it at a future date, so why not play it safe" strategy.

My litmus test in this sort of situation is to trust my instincts instead of my head. If I love the way I FEEL in something, then I'm more inclined to give an item a corner of my closet even it only gets pulled out of the shadows now and again. But if I like the item in theory, but not so much in practice, then I'm becoming more confident about thinking of situations like yours as learning moments.

Sell them and get tall boots in a dark brown or black suede, the shades of grey thing really is a problem.Tall black leather boots can be a little harsh but not suede.Tall boots with a skirt is a more streamlined look than booties and I also like the silhouette of your short hair with the coat and the boots.I think you look really lovely in the first outfit, much more attractive, capable, professional than "lady who lunches".
I'm voting more La Canadienne for the next pair because I have them too and the fit really is wonderful.

Please wait before getting rid of those boots, Suz! They have so much in the plus column: perfect fit, warmth, classic design, and a luxe, dressy look. Being dressy, they are automatically not for everyday wear. But, like a perfect little black cocktail dress you might wear 3 or 4 times a year over ten years, they may be still be filling an important hole in your wardrobe. I currently have 2 pairs of dressy tall boots--one black, one burgundy, both classic. Do I wear them often? No. But I'm glad they're in my closet, because there are times when a lower heel just won't do--maybe because, like you, I'm petite, and wearing bit of heel for certain occasions gets my head up among the grown-ups, if you know what I mean. I substitute my boots for high-heeled pumps in the winter, with dresses, skirts (have you ever tried them with a flowy mid-calf-length woolen skirt? such a warm and feminine look) and bootcut pants, as long as not too much walking outdoors is involved (after all, most parking lots and restaurant walkways are cleared of snow and slush.) They make me feel dressed up in a slightly sexy, but still grounded, seasonally appropriate way. Your boots look great on you, and so pretty with that gray coat! You may decide they're not worth keeping, but I hope you won't rush to sell them.

From Gaylene:

Ha, the difference between those of us who don't want "well, maybe if the right stars align" items reproaching us in our closets and those who advocate the "well, you might regret getting rid of it at a future date, so why not play it safe" strategy.

My litmus test in this sort of situation is to trust my instincts instead of my head. If I love the way I FEEL in something, then I'm more inclined to give an item a corner of my closet even it only gets pulled out of the shadows now and again. But if I like the item in theory, but not so much in practice, then I'm becoming more confident about thinking of situations like yours as learning moments.

Ah, this. I walk this line all. the. time. And I just put a half dozen or so items in a holding zone because I've been in that space where I'm just not feeling them, but I'm not sure I want to commit to never having them again. Chances are good that a month or two from now, I'll revisit that little garment bag down in our den and move those items from the holding zone to the donation bag. But the holding zone is my stopgap to try to prevent regretful purges.

I just sold some totally fab boots, and yeah, I didn't exactly get back what I paid for them, but I no longer feel guilty looking at them in my closet, I have a bit of the money back in my pocket, and someone else has some gently-used fab boots to enjoy.

Go with your instincts.

I'm no help because you look fab in them!

I meant to add that I think it's perfectly okay to keep items we don't wear very often as long as we love them when we do wear them.

Suz ,It seems as though you are happy with the overall fit , comfort and style of these boots but your real life just doesn't afford you too many chances to wear them . For me the amount I wear select hard to find Items is secondary to the hole they fill when I do need them. I have a few pairs of boots/shoes like this, that I don't wear often ,but boy when I did not have them I was at a real lose at what to do.For some reason I find it much harder to dress up a casual item than to casulize a dressier one. I'm sure there's a way to do it but so far it eludes me ....lol. Anyway since you already purchased these (btw beautiful boots ) I vote keep and be confident that when they occasion arises you will be all set.

I've been thinking about this all day. In solidarity, I pulled out a pair of tall wine coloured boots (flat though, but still, wine?? ) and then another equally odd purchase: a wine MK massive leather purse I bought two years ago and NEVER use. I marched around all day wondering whose great idea it was to buy this damn purse - which cost a lot of money, and is in a colour and style I don't find useful. So - orphans unite. I then though about this whole consigning /selling thing. I've toyed with the idea a few times, but chicken out at last minute figuring what I'd get back (say for the purse) would never recompense for the real value. I'd not be able to buy something more sensible, so I figure I may as well keep the thing and try to make myself use it once in awhile. Like today.

So my question is: how do you figure out what the payback has to be from selling it in order to make the process worthwhile?

Want to trade flat wine boots and Michael Kors bag for your grey suede boots?

Hey I love lisap's suggestion!

Suz, I totally hear you on the heeled boot thing. Personally, I just wouldn't wear a heeled boot. Having said that, I love the outfits that you've put together. I prefer them with the skirts, not so hot on them with the pants. I adore the first outfit. Really I do. And in all honesty, I'm not seeing any colour variances. I think they look fab with the greys.

If it were me, yes, I'd definitely keep them. I'm less ruthless when it comes to that sort of thing, though. If you have the space I'd keep them. They are a top quality, comfortable, gorgeous pair of heeled boots. Funny about them being in the Meister capsule. If there is a handful of days where you could happily wear them each year then it would be worth it. On the other hand if you're not feeling them then I suppose you could pass them on. Again, personally, I've never sold stuff so I don't seem to recoup anything. Thus, I hang on.

Ok I suppose I haven't really helped with your orphan situation. Maybe force yourself to wear them for a few days in a row, make them seem non-precious, and see how you feel.

The best solution might be a trade like Lisa suggests Suz. I am projecting but I have a feeling you will feel a weight is off you once you say goodbye to these and can stop trying to force them to work for you.

Such a great conversation. My initial reaction was to just tell you how gorgeous you look in some of the outfits, especially 1-4, with these boots. I'm drawn to the look - I posted this look 2 days ago. But, I totally get the usefulness thing. Even though I am a sales person who needs to dress up, I work from home so it's only on meeting days which is about 20% of my time. And, I visit technical people, mostly guys, and so could even be a lot more casual than I usually am (that pink jacket was certainly overkill for Tuesday's crowd:)) I invested a lot in those tall black Fryes and have worn them exactly one time this year.....
You look gorgeous in the grey boots. I love the boots. But now I'm thinking about my Frye boots and usefulness!
(Don't get rid of them just yet. I do like them best with the pencil skirt and more sheer hose).

One minor thing you might try - instead of trying to match the greys in tights, why not go for a marled charcoal tight? That way the tone doesn't have to be exactly right, but you are still in the grey family. It might be great in doing grey on grey looks. Also - I love combining grey and cream. perhaps you could tuck cream skinny jeans into them?

Love the boots and I think that they look fab on you, but if they don't work for your lifestyle then you have to move on otherwise they will taunt you every time you walk into your closet. I am learning that lesson with many clothing items:))

I love them on you but hear your points. You have been given enough advice. I rarely wear high heeled tall boots but I have held onto them because I like them.

I vote keep. And while I wouldn't go build an entire capsule around them, trends change and the footwear needed changes with them. I really like the outfits you created with pants. I think these would look amazing with a midi skirt or culottes. But I also think it's okay to have some items you only wear a few times a year if you are happy with the items. I have had a pretty minimal closet the last few years with so many changes after giving birth. I'm just now starting to flesh out options for date nights and mom's nights out. I don't wear these items frequently, but it is wonderful to not feel stressed when the occasions arise. This is in sharp contrast to my everyday wardrobe items, which sometimes get worn 2-3 times in a week. These boots may not be the heavy lifters you had hoped they would be, but they still might have a place in a diverse boot wardrobe for someone whose dominant season is winter.

You have received great advice Suz. I have been thinking on this all morning. I have also found that I am wearing long boots, heeled or otherwise. I think the focus has been so strongly on ankle boots that our poor tall boots have been rather neglected. My new black knee high boots last year (that I absolutely had to have) were hardly worn!! But here is what I think. Those boots are stunning on you. They are modern with a classic look that I don't think will date quickly. They fit beautifully, are comfortable and you do love them right? I say keep for now. Not everything in in our closet gets worn all the time and I think it's ok to have the odd fabulous item that only comes out sometimes. Sometimes it's just the right thing for the right occasion, know what I mean. However, if seeing them in the closet stresses you, then sell them. But really I say keep for now. You never know when you they might be the perfect boot, for the perfect occasion.

Hi, Suz. I don't have any solutions but just some fun stuff to make you feel better:
1. Last winter I bought a pair of taupe tall heeled boots. The heel is at least 3.5" and I have a policy of never going over 3". However it is chunky and fairly comfy. I wore the boots under 5 times last winter, and zero this winter. They are way too high for skinnies, and I'm not really wearing skirts right now.
2. Speaking of, I have an orphaned DVF (DVF!!!) pencil skirt. I don't really wear pencil skirts anymore, though they used to be a staple.

Honestly! Trying to learn lots from Angie's recent posts! I do vote keep, for the funeral, and because sometimes an expensive, perfect-in-many-ways purchase can take on new life after a while.

You know what?

I am right now leaning with those of you who say hang onto them.

Here are my reasons:

1. I don't feel stressed looking at them in the closet and I have room for them. Sometimes I feel sad that they don't come out to play, or perplexed, but I don't feel truly guilty or annoyed with myself for buying them. I genuinely thought they were a need and I did learn something from this.

2. Those who have made the point that they might become easier to wear with time's passage may be onto something. For example, I only wore my bronze Donald Pliner booties once last year. I felt unhappy about that, and I was tempted to let them go. They just seemed so difficult to style. But somehow this year I have found them much easier to work into outfits. They are dressy, so they will never be a frequently worn item in my life. But, I have worn them 3 times this winter already, and will likely wear them at least that many more. Who's to say these tall boots might not meet the same fate next year? If I wear a dressy item 3 to 5 times in a season, I am okay with that. Even one or two times is fine if it is truly filling a niche.

Hmm. Maybe I'll play around with them a bit more tomorrow and see what results.

Thank you all for your help -- really really valuable points and so nice to have commiseration!

That's the spirit - I would really hate for you to part with them.
I was walking all over Toronto in my dressy heeled boots in December and it felt right. You go there frequently - Toronto may be a good playground for them. Or Montreal where you can blend in with those chic ladies wearing fur coats and heeled boots. :-0

I think that's a good choice Suz. I am thinking of few things that I have bought over recent times that were good choices but didn't get worn much. Sometimes it just took another new incidental wardrobe addition to really 'connect' with the original thing to bring it into regular rotation in my wardrobe.

Suz, I think you should keep them if they're not reproaching you, as you say. The fit is so perfect on you, and the quality so amazing, that if your needs do change for some reason, you will be hard pressed to find another pair that fits so well. And sometimes we buy just the right item that goes with the orphan, and once we have that item, the orphan comes out to play all the time. I had a skirt that I wasn't wearing much, and then I finally paired it with a certain top and made a really-awesome-to-me outfit. The same can happen with your boots when the right item comes along. And there's nothing wrong with having a pair of really gorgeous boots for those rare special occasions. Our feet don't generally change much in size, so those boots will probably still fit you for years to come.

I'm glad you're keeping them because they were a HEWI & could be hard to find again. They are a classic style. I'm not a hoarder but I've found that certain items I held onto that weren't worn often become workhorses later when I either changed my style or lifestyle or location or just bought a particular item that made the unused item very useful.

Oh, girlfriend, it happens to me too! What I usually do (especially with items that fit perfectly) is put them in the holding zone. I mean, you already paid for them, why not hang on to them, at least for another season, and re-visit the issue next year? My holding zone is in a basement closet, and I have been known to remove items from it and wear them a lot the following year.

On the flip side, I have a pair of gray tall boots that I purchased last year. A total impulse buy, inexpensive, and not a style I normally gravitate to. When I tried them on I had Frankenboot on one foot and couldn't even judge the fit on that foot for another month. The purchase was more like "These'll do" than "I love these!" A type of purchase that I really try to avoid. As it turns out, I've worn the heck out of them. They're comfy, they have a flat heel, and they work perfectly with skinnies/slim fit pants. They are less harsh than black and go well with my cooler toned outfits. They are an odd shade of gray, so I rarely, if ever, wear them with another gray item.

I like most of the outfits you've created with them - all but the last. I think your boots also look better with non-gray outfits. And wha-huh? I see no "tartiness" at all!

Oh, Suz, I can empathize, because, I, too, have some tall heeled Aquatalias that were only worn in NYC last year and I'm as perplexed as you.

Yours are beauties and I can see why you scored them, but in reading what Angie says about your style, I 'm sure you'll be able to find another "perfect" pair with low or flat heels that fits your needs. I loved #11, too!

Glad you're keeping them! I hear you on the gray tights, however. Who would have thought that (nearly all?) gray tights out there are a cool gray? If you find any warm grays, do post. I recently found a pair of neutral/slightly warm ribbed gray tights at a Gap outlet store.

The almond (vs. pointy) toe and suede (vs. leather) fabrication to my eye counteract any tarty projections, so maybe your eye just needs to adjust? And only view yourself in outfits straight on so you don't see the heels?

You really need to receive an award or be invited to give the keynote speech at winter conference in a cold but dry place. . .

Sveta, you're funny! Montreal and Toronto Chic, love it, and Suz can take on the streets there in these lovelies. But, what's this about fur coats, you say?! Ha.

Firstly, I like 1/2, 9 and 11 --- and you look beautiful, even when you find them hard to style.

I've not worn my flat tall boots much this winter, either. I was trying to avoid them until after the holidays -- I'm stuck in boots so long -- but now I find myself more enamored of my booties.

I'd suggest being open to difference proportions between the skirt and boots. I like the proportions in the Danier skirt photo you posted for Sveta.