I second Club Monaco. It's my go to place for interesting pieces. My current wish list is ridiculous.

I thought you looked really good in the "long shorts" awhile back, so you might want to try the culotte thing. Maybe yours would be just below knee and not the long ones, and maybe a straighter style, so not too voluminous. I think you could rock a sort of cropped top with it--just at high hip. That style is often available in more structured fabrics. Or, use a drapey T with semi-tuck or full tuck. And you could use a graphic T with dressier footwear, or more dressy top with sneakers.

I like the look of interesting jewelry with dressy T's. The "statement" necklaces overwhelm me and I don't like huge collar ones, or bling, so I tend to look for artisanal or ethnic items, interesting pendant, stones, shells, that sort of thing. Would you do a T and a funky wristwatch or cuff? Bracelets slide around and annoy me but I would wear a colored or chunky watch still, and that is a way to add something to short-sleeved or sleeveless looks.

Also, some kinds of linen-blend pants instead of jeans, that you can roll. Or rayon-blend joggers, if they are not "out" already. I still like the gray linen pants from BR I copied from Sveta last year and they will be my main summer not-BF jean casual pants.

Lastly, summer is actually more vest-friendly than winter, because they aren't warm enough for winter. Is there a kind of vest-over-T look that works for you? Would it be denim, or utility vest, or more avant-garde?

I'm hearing a kind of sporty-luxe look in the combinations of casual, but juxtaposed, hot-weather items.

I was very impressed with Banana Republic when I was in Toronto last week. There were lots of pieces I would have bought if I needed more clothes. I don't think I have ever bought anything from BR before. Well once a cashmere sweater that pilled so badly after one wear I got rid of it. Lots of cropped tops and jackets. Also some nice pants.

I think a vest would be great for our climate. I am searching for one myself but have not found one. Denim would be too hot come July.

Cullottes, great shoes & a cuff are my suggestions - oh & something on top too

Ha, ha, Caro! That's hilarious....

I like the idea of a new cuff. I do have a couple and wear them constantly. One silver, one multicoloured.

Style Fan, I agree -- a denim vest would be good for now and for June but in July gets too warm. A linen one is probably the best bet.

unfrumped, thank you -- I do want to try some culottes. I already own the linen pants that I can roll. Love them.

There are some amazing suggestions in the pics! (I have no idea how to post pics from online sites myself...ugh, will have to do some investigating).

I love the idea of jewelry to dress things up or change the look of an outfit... even a simple tee. Jewelry is always an important consideration for me and it doesn't need to be expensive. In fact, some of my fave pieces cost just a few dollars.

Squee, so fun and so many great suggestions already. I think you should try the striped Zara culottes, they pack a punch. (I saw them in the store but didn't try them on as I am trying to practice culotte restraint.) Apart from that I generally like shoes (duh) and bags for most impact in one piece, because you can wear them more often. Apart from the new backpack, maybe a bag. I am also eyeballing big earrings a lot lately. Let's see the anniversary necklace! (And Happy Anniversary!)

Thanks, Shevia! I'm going to order those culottes to try them.

I was wondering about the big earrings from the blogger that Inge featured. Viva got a pair. I'm strongly considering those as well.

No time to read all and provide some help now (I am away on business and SUPPOSED to be working right now ) but I will be watching this with much interest. My summer wardrobe is in much worse state than he winter and I need all help I can get!
This one top from BR is not a wild card and not a game changer but it is silk and it is YOUR color so maybe worth checking out? I have not seen this color in the store but I tried on the green one and it is very nice. I may be stalking both of them if they go on sale!

I understand how important the style refresher is to the wardrobe. I've also learned that it can be important to wait for just the right options. Because of budget, time, and sizing constraints, I feel I have a lot of good, but not great, items in my closet right now. On the plus side, they all work together to create a sum that's a bit greater than the parts.

I love the Massimo Dutti links, and the culottes you've ordered are perfect for looks that are casual, but special. Can't wait to see them!

As for tees, may I suggest looking at sources meant for, um, more mature ladies? Chicos, Talbots, Lands End, etc. I find the knits are a bit heavier, with reasonable amounts of stretch and more real cotton. I have a couple of 3/4 length sleeve boatnecks I purchased from Kohls in this category. Their cut is structured in the shoulder, but a bit boxy in the torso --- unintentionally, this combo creates a modern silhouette on me that doesn't cling in the heat. "Newer" knits with massive amounts of stretch aren't actually "cooler" in the end. For your possible trip, I'd also consider linen tees.

I'm not shopping much as the moment, but I'll keep my eyes open!