Good morning all YLF folks - Long time now post - I read daily for inspiration and wisdom from this bunch. So many days I get dressed and thank YLF for making it easy.

So I am trying to avoid a skirt orphan I have found this fab blue skirt with an A-line look - that looks good on me. those who remember me know a pencil skirt is my normal skirt of choice - this a-line looks good on me and I want to get.
Thing is I am stumped with tops I would wear.
Include below is the skirt - it is hard to see but it has an all over crochet pattern - and some ideas I have for tops - I would like to get two tops - I have several tops that would match already - but they are heavy rotation tops that often end up in a laundry bottleneck.

Top 5 is a total wag - I happen to love elephants
All advice appreciated