I didn't buy anything at NAS except for jewelry and underwear, but browsing it and reading everyone's posts here have led me to consideration of what I might need and want this fall. (It's also made me itch for some things I definitely don't need, like the Spanx faux leather leggings and that TNF puffer, so I'm sitting on my hands and credit card right now.) But anyway, this has further led me to some questions I hope you fine ladies can help me with.

1.) The socks/booties problem. Last fall I tried several times to put on cropped jeans or rolled boyfriend jeans with booties and failed. Socks showing looked wrong and any socks that didn't show slid down into the booties after about 12 steps. So I immediately changed out of the jeans or the boots or both. What am I missing? I am almost certainly going to buy these: http://www.thefryecompany.com/.....goryId=107 after lusting for them all last year and I'd like to wear them with other than full length pants if possible.

2.) The poncho problem. I'm inexplicably drawn to them, but how do you wear one out of the house? How do you carry a bag? Do they only work with crossbody purses or clutches? I hate crossbody bags and there's no way my crap fits in a clutch. I think I just answered my own question.

3.) The gray jeans search. I'd like some. Most of my jeans are Lucky Brand, Gap, or Loft, and they're not showing any. I'd prefer a cropped skinny or straight, or slim boyfriends, but open to other styles. Suggestions? Or is the fact that a cursory web search is unrevealing proof gray jeans are way off trend this year?

4.) The advertising things you apparently can't buy problem. In June, while getting my hair done, I was looking at the July Glamour, which was apparently the Olympics issue, which meant they had a lot of athleisure features. (LOL, of course.) Which is my own personal jam. And they featured this silver Rebecca Minkoff backpack which looked as if it was made from aluminum foil (and, y'know, the tears of angels.) It was not on the Minkoff website in June. It is not on the Minkoff website now. Why is Glamour magazine showing me things that are not for sale?

Sorry this is so long, and many thanks in advance.