Help! I've been looking for the perfect linen tee and it's nowhere to be found. I thought I would wait until later in the season but Angie's post this morning made me realize that i better get on it!

I'm looking for something that has:
- substantial linen with a good drape (nothing cheap that shows through)
- a relatively deep v or scoop neck
- short or cap sleeves (even a tank style is fine)
- can be dressed up - don't like the super casual ones with rolled/wrinkled necklines or drooping chest pockets
- relatively fitted with a little bit of blousing (I've trimmed down, and don't want to cover up with a huge slouchy tee!)

- Available in Canada/online shipping to Canada

I picked up this Rag & Bone cotton tee (pictured in Finds below) at Winners last week and I'm in love with the way it fits - would love something with a similar cut.

I've tried the BR version (sleeves were too long) and the ones on the J Crew site look too casual (hello rolled necklines and drooping chest pockets.)

'Aria' Stripe Tee
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