I don't wear heels very often any more. But I have five pairs ranging from one year of age to nine years.

I don't plan to add any more heels (excepting wedges or chunky sandals etc) - to my eye all these are either current or classic. But interested to get some feedback.

1) Tan Slingbacks (second hand to me about 2021) 2
2) Black mid heel pumps (new to me 2018)    1
3) Yellow mules (new 2022)           8
4) Green tango sandals (new 2014)       1
5) Black sandals (new 2015)           3

I have room to keep them all, and they have all had at least one wear in the last 18 months (wears in the column on the right since I have been tracking.

Please be honest - anything here that would bring down an outfit rather than elevating it?

Thanks in advance.