So I haven't been feeling fashion much lately. It's still mostly hot in Texas with only a hint at fall so far. Many days it still feels too warm for jeans or pants. I've been trying to figure out what to do to get back in the fashion groove, but my closet sits there with plenty of perfectly good clothes and I reach for the same few things.

One thing I think I'm missing in hot weather dressing is structure. I'm tired of everything being loose and "cool" to wear as a prerequisite. I feel like the only items on top that feel slightly structured are button downs - due to the collar and ability to roll the sleeves I suppose. But I can't wear button downs every day. Or maybe I can, but I'm not for whatever reason. Many of my tees and knits are feeling sloppy to me. I saw a candid photo recently of myself and cringed in fact. A favorite color tee looked terrible. Probably a size too big and much too thin of a fabric. Maybe it was my bad posture and messy hair after hiking that added to that feeling of yuck.

We've talked about adding structure to hot weather outfits before, but I can't seem to find the posts right now. I guess I should have added some better shorts over the summer - people are likely tired of seeing me in my denim rolled versions. I do wear belts and semi tuck. I try to add jewelry and good shoes. I think it's the tops themselves giving me the most trouble. Maybe I'm just over the whole slouchy thing.

Sitting up straight in my chair and sticking to ordering some new makeup for now.

Anyone want to share or re-share some tips on hot weather structure?